Friday, January 28, 2011

1,181 Days and DONE - One Streak Down...Can the Other Be Far Behind?

In case you haven't heard (or worse, didn't get a chance to see it), Michigan Men's Basketball beat somebody last night....


The House of Breslin...

that here-to-fore had been Un-Conquerable by the Mighty Maize and Blue....for 1,181 days (thanks to ESPN for not letting us forget that fact...)

Folks, it's time to break it out, even though the Big 10 Basketball record leaves a little to be desired, it's a big win never the less...


So, hat's off to a Sparty upset with hopefully more to come!

And can that other record with respect to that other school to the south be shattered as well in the near future?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oversigning - Is It Finally Sinking In?

Oversigning has been on fire on all the blogs recently. Well, I shouldn't say recently as Brian over at first brought it out in the open several years ago. At least that's when it came to my attention. However, I'm not sure the practice was even given that much of a thought by the NCAA and the university's that were doing it the most until it took on an "evil" mantra on the blog network. The mainstream press just more or less stated that schools were "working inside the guidelines as set by the NCAA" and the NCAA's position never waivered from the statement of, "You can only sign a maximum of 28 between February and May and the total roster of Scholarship players has to be at 85." But the rule is toothless as it's undertsood that you have to be at 85 when the season starts. That doesn't mean you can't bring in a bunch of JUCO transfers in January...hence you are automatically over the limit.

It's total BS....

Finally, it seems, there's some light at the end of the tunnel. OR I should say that the proverbial heat is getting turned up in the SEC and schools are being warned that they need to curb the practice. Andy Staples wrote a great article that is worth the read. Satan, the most overzealous oversigner that exists currently, is now going on record and stating that the players that get signed are signed to a 1 year scholarship and you have to play for your scholarship every year.

Give Saban credit. At least he tells recruits they might get cut to clear space for newer signees. When the Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Sun-News interviewed seven participants in the Offense-Defense Bowl about the topic of the one-year, renewable scholarship, only one, Alabama commitment Christion Jones, knew his scholarship had to be renewed annually. "Coach Saban told me it's a one-year scholarship you have to work for," Jones told the paper. "Some coaches don't tell some kids. Some kids have to find out the hard way."


Andy does go on to remedy his statement by stating that The Big 10 is doing this the right way. Yes, there aren't any "4 year" scholarships, but the Big 10 commits to that recruit for 4 years unless they are injured or leave the program voluntarily. Hence the reason that there are no "real" 4 year scholarships. You just have to be at 85 to be legit.

If I was an 18 year old kid that wanted to play at Alabama, I guess my mind would be thinking that this team recruited me, they want me, and I have been head and shoulders above my competition in high school. There's no way I don't make it every year.

But ever year, a bunch of "superstar" high-school talent gets booted off a lot of SEC teams.

So, in the end, is it the education or the experience that's more important? I'm sure a bunch of those kids, if you asked them, will tell you that the experience they enjoyed was far better than the education that they received. After all, you can always get an education at any point in time...Right?

That's what the SEC and the schools that are committing these infractions are getting these kids to believe.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buck Nuts At It Again

Thanks to Greg over at M-Victors for catching this one. Here's another Buck Nut without a life that managed to spend the better part of two years and over a million (Yes, Million) LEGOS putting together that other school to the south's stadium. What's amazing is the scale of this creation...It's really impressive with the artist sitting inside it holding the mid field in his "too much time on his hands" hands ....

And as a former legomaniac, I have to say that I'm impressed...and almost motivated to try something myself (ALMOST DEAR! - I didn't say I was going to...Sheesh...) to compete against this Suckeye homer...

I will state here that I'm looking for lego donations at this point in time. You know, old ones that the kids might have laying around....I have the NEW Michigan Stadium specs in hand and I'm just looking and thinking right now....

But wouldn't it be a fun project for the kids???

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hokey-Pokey

Before anyone else does it (And I’m dreadfully sure there will be countless, literally countless, versions of this as time goes by) I figured I’d throw in my version of it as it develops. I hate to say it, but this song has been bouncing around inside my head since Hoke was announced and the only cleansing therapy I could come up with was to simply put it into words…

I know, I know...I'm Michigan’s worst enemy (and my own worst enemy) at this point. But hopefully, the act of it flowing through my fingertips and into print will erase it from my waking memory.

Of course, there are still the nightmares that I'll need to deal with…

The Michigan Hokey-Pokey

You put a D-back in,
You take a D-back out,
You put a D-back in that you will eventually pull out!
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put an LB in,
You take the LB out,
You put the LB in and try not to burn him out!
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put a Safety in,
You take a Safety out,
You put a Safety in and yell, “Don’t mentally checkout!”
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put a Lineman in,
You take the Lineman out,
You put the Lineman in that does more than yell, “Lookout!”
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put a Nose Guard in,
You take the Nose Guard out,
You put the Nose Guard in that can knock a QB out!
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put a “New Scheme” in,
You take the “New Scheme” out,
You put the “New Scheme” in that doesn’t stink like sauerkraut!
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

You put a new “D” In,
You take the new “D” Out,
You put the New “D” in and you hope and pray and shout!
You do the Hokey-Pokey and turn the “D” around,
That’s what it’s all about!

Do the Hokey-Pokey!
Do the Hokey-Pokey!
You do the Hokey-Pokey!
That’s what it’s all about!

(To be followed immediately by the David Brandon “Chicken Dance” which is David flapping around looking perplexed as he searches for a head coaching candidate…)

Sorry…I know…but sometimes you have to get in front of this stuff. Take it away from your enemies before they use it against you. I hope and pray that you aren’t afflicted with the mental problems the MMQ has. It becomes extremely tedious to get something done during the day with crap like this is in your head.

Trust me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Does Anyone Care Anymore? Hoke Does….

(This was penned around lunch time before Hoke was announced – then, after the announcement I have some thoughts on David Brandon and the hire. FWIW)

Where have the “loyal” Michigan Men gone? Why have they forsaken the school and fans that adored them while they were here? Is there something else going on that we don’t know about? What gives?

Have we slid down the mediocrity road and are we sitting in the gutter along sides the likes of Notre Dame? Really? My mind simply can’t process that as I try to make sense of it all.

Harbaugh – Thumbed his nose at his alma mater on the way to the pros. (Of course, Michigan kind of thumbed their nose at him, too, 3 years ago…) Harbaugh was jilted three years ago when Sailboat Boob Martin (& Lloyd Carr) went in search of a Head Coach to the Big East. Not just one, but two guys from the BEast were interviewed. And never a peep to Harbaugh. I get it.

Les Miles – Thumbed his nose at his alma mater Twice…To Hell With Les Miles…Actually, I get Miles and the Les Miles situation. He’s 57 and got a great gig. He really doesn’t need Michigan at this point. I guess the action and money of the SEC is simply too much to ignore. I’m not buying the family line and kids in school load of garbage that Les is handing everyone. What I do believe is that the timing, AGAIN, for landing Les was abysmal. Last year would have been so much better... You needed to catch Les after a 7-5 or 8-4 campaign that has the Tiger Nation Screaming for his head. THEN you make Les an offer. He's here 24 hours later and those kids are pulled out of school faster than a Sparty coed drops her panties on a Saturday night…

Brady Hoke – Word is Stanford is after him…Probably not the best school to get in a bidding war with for a head coach…(typed in the early afternoon). I guess Michigan won…

Brady Hoke wants the job, but does the job really want Brady Hoke? The Hoke situation is difficult. He’s not as proven as you’d like a Head Coach to be. He’s a Lloyd disciple. I’m really hoping at this point it develops like the girl next door thing: You know the story. DB swallows his pride and hires his “Security Coach” and the situation blossoms into something that Michigan Fans never knew we had because were were chasing all the hot chicks that all eventually spurned us and said no. And Hoke comes in and cures everything from Defense to Special Teams and somehow improves the Offense in the process. And he doesn’t cheat. And he goes on to win a National Title in 3 years…Oh, how sweet that would be...

But, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure that’s what David or Michigan Fans will be getting. Lloyd’s heavy hand of steady offensive production, measured offensive cadence with manageable down and distance immediately comes to mind. That and a solid defense. All of that will be in the room with Hoke and I have this visual image of Hoke saying something like, “Well, that’s a clever offense and it looks eloquent when you’re playing a weak defense. But this is the Big 10 where its 3 yards and a cloud of dust, people. Now, let me show you this play we’ll entitle, “Off Tackle-Left.” See here? See how when you pull the guard and double up the line backer you can spring the tailback for 3 yards before the strong safety gets in there? And guess what? The safety might miss and we can get 6 yards or more!” I know, I’m being a little cynical here. But I really hope there’s something good that can come from everything that’s happened.

It has been drilled into me all my life and I tell my kids that every situation is a learning opportunity. I’m sure ole David must be thinking the same thing right about now. Which is, “What in the hell have I learned from all this?”

To start with:

1. Don’t pay any attention to NCAA rules and procedures. Talk to people. Get out there and figure out what your options are before you make any decisions.
2. Remember: Urban Meyer from Utah to Florida was a done deal when the Domers came knocking.
3. Don’t wait to correct a bad situation. If the situation is untenable, fix it quick. At least there would have been a few more guys on the list after you burnt through Harbaugh and Miles.
4. Michigan is not a dream job to a lot of coaches, obviously. Find the one guy that believes it’s his dream job and hire him. If that’s Hoke, so be it.
5. And sell your ass off telling people how lucky you were to get Hoke.
6. Money might be no object, but a weak 2011 recruiting class is.
7. What else besides Michigan in January can you offer to someone?
8. Don’t take an AD job at your alma mater that has been botched up in more ways than you can even count.
9. Make sure you have Plan D ready as it would appear that plans A, B, and C are non-feasible.
10. Timing is everything…Figure it out.

That list is no where near complete, but it’s a start.

Some questions:

Do you even fly the plane to San Diego or simply phone Hoke and tell him to get over here?
Will Harbaugh or Miles ever be welcome back in Ann Arbor with the exception for funerals?
Will David realize that you can’t be arrogant enough to think that selling the Michigan job is not necessary?

And just for the heck of it, I’ll ask it again: Do any Michigan Men that can make a difference care anymore?

I guess time will tell….


Really? I mean – REALLY? No offense, but the timing of this hire sickens me. Not the hire itself. I want to make that clear. I don’t know Hoke that well and I will keep all comments and opinions to myself (sic) until we’ve seen him in action. But, we can certainly comment on Brandon.

First: If you knew you were going to can Rich Rod – and who didn’t know – Then do it in November and grab Hoke then. Give the man a chance. I mean, what opportunity does he have to grab anyone that hasn’t either already moved or been grabbed by someone else? If he had been looking for coordinators and assistants in November, he could then raid all of NCAA football and get the best of the best. Now, everyone has already finagled a position and no one is looking for a job.

Second: Did you HAVE to hire Brady Hoke today? He was your security guy. You could have hired him tomorrow or next week and still looked okay. What did you accomplish by hiring him today? I mean, Brady would have flown himself here for God’s sake. We didn’t need to send the jet. Couldn’t we have talked to a few more guys about the job? I mean, waiting to hire Hoke didn’t help or hurt the program later any more than it “perceptively” helped or hurt it today.

Third: David had better sincerely hope that Hoke is girl next door I alluded to above. David also better sincerely hope he doesn’t come in and try to “undo” everything Rich Rod did to move the offense in the positive direction. And David better hope that Hoke’s number one priority is finding an offensive coordinator that fits the personnel we have.

Hoke will make be making enough decisions in the very near future that will either convince everyone that he’s the right guy or he will convince everyone that we are in for another 3-4 years of pain….

David Brandon’s status has gone from “Yes, he’s doing the right thing” to “Jeez, I could have done that.” That’s not good. Because you all know that you MMQ is basically just that: A guy that picks on somebody else that had the courage to make a decision and move forward. What I do is easy. It’s what we all do. But in this case, I truly do believe, much like the Sailboat Boob fiasco, that this could have been handled so much better.

So, friends, let’s hold hands and play some Josh Groban as we navigate the new waters with Brady “Its no Joke” Hoke….

2010 Season Wrap

Well, it’s Tuesday Morning January 11, 2011, and here’s what we know:

1. Auburn is the National Champion – Bought and Paid for in full to the tune of about $180,000….
2. Oregon is a damn good football team – AND THEY COVERED!
3. Michigan Still DOES NOT have a head coach. As of this morning. More on that in a minute.

The Auburn-Oregon clash left a little to be desired. I know it’s impossible to compare teams week to week or even game to game. And this was THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME so I’m sure there were some nerves…But still, it seemed like the 2nd half before either of these offenses found their groove and got something going. I’ve heard (not seen recently) that a defense that has a month to prepare for a team can literally scheme and find ways to take away just about everything the other offense can do. That would seem the case as both teams punted more in the first half than they had all season. And then it seemed like it all happened at once. Auburn’s fumble, Oregon’s score and 2-pointer and I’m wide awake again thinking we’re going to OT. But, alas, a screwed up play somehow punctuated a screwed up season. Someone somewhere needs to re-determine what “down” actually means so kids aren’t laying there belly up as prime spearing material for an overzealous linebacker that is “Playing till the whistle blows”. I can see that film getting re-run in front of thousands of defensive players with D-coordinators screaming to make sure the ball carrier is down. And then Auburn seals the victory with the field goal. Yeah, not very satisfying…

I couldn’t help but wonder how either of these teams would have faired against Stanford (Well, yes, we know Oregon destroyed them in the regular season), TCU, or OSU. I’m leaving Oklahoma out because even though they played in a BCS game, it sucked. And I wonder if any of those 1 loss teams (or TCU) could take on Auburn at this point and win. My guess is yes.

But get this: I don’t need to know. Auburn proved everything they needed to prove this entire season by going undefeated, playing their schedule, and winning. So while I’m not satisfied, it’s satisfying enough to not have to wait ANOTHER WEEK to figure out who the best team in college football is.

Auburn, and the “ESS-EEE-SEE”, is the National Champ for the 2010 season. Cheating be damned and a tarnished Heisman trophy to be pulled at a later date.

Deal with it.

So, when I said Michigan didn't have a head coach, I actually meant that I think we do have a head coach and his initials are Les Miles. If David Brandon is sitting in Ann Arbor today when there's a coaches convention going on in Dallas that he happens to be the honorary CEO of, do you think that maybe, just maybe, Ole Dave has his man in his pocket?

Me too...

In retrospect, what a college football season it was. Thrills, chills, and spills made it a fascinating season to watch, not to mention the fact that the Big 10 added Nebraska to the mix early in the spring to keep us all on our toes.

I usually like to look at the pre-season spectacular to see how I did as far as my own prognostication goes. Even before glancing at it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have Auburn anywhere as a dark horse. I didn’t even have Oregon. I unfortunately let you all down and didn’t go off the page in my prediction this year, choosing instead to listen to all the talking heads that “think” they know what’s going on. Yes, you can’t argue with past season results. But kids that didn’t win last year will simply want it more the next year. So without further ado…the final

The Rest of the Mess

1. Alabama – Everyone’s pre-season favorite. I guess I have to like Satan, too. They didn’t lose much and they will be back with a little something to prove.
-This pick sucked and I should have see it coming…It’s tough to repeat at any level…

2. OSU – Everyone has these two in the Championship Game, and more than likely, that’s what’ll happen…unless
-This one would have been okay had it not been for a screw up in Madison.

3. Nebraska – Favorable schedule. Texas home. Pellini’s third year. Revenge for the Big 12 Championship game. Suh is gone, but overall defense is looking better. I like Nebraska this year. Especially since they’re coming to the Big 10.
-Wow…what an embarrassment. Welcome to the Big 10.

4. TCU – why? Look at their schedule…BCS spoiler for sure
-This pick was one of two that made it into the top 10 and it was a team that impressed me, but I still say you have to play in a real conference week in/week out. That’s just me and President Gee talking…

5. Texas – will have some losses but plays on New Year’s day
-Where has the love of God gone when a pre-season top 5 team doesn’t make a bowl game?

6. Arkansas – Mallet, if he stays healthy, has these guys in a BCS bowl and they are my favorite dark horse for the Championship Game.
-Well, they had Alabama beat and could have beat Auburn…This was a pretty good pick, too.

7. West Virginia – always tough….
-What was I drinking? Something from West Virginia, probably….

8. Va-Tech: Beamer seems to find a way into the top 10 by the end of the season
-Beamer’s team might have been there had it not been for two huge turds at the beginning of the season. And running into the Stanford Freight Train didn’t help in the Orange, either.

9. Florida – Yes, Urban Legend finds a way to win without Touchdown Tim…and finally
-Again, what was I drinking?

10. MICHIGAN! – Makes a New Year’s Day bowl game and is out of the Big 10 cellar….
-Ahem….enough said.

And what did our final 10 look like?

1. Auburn
2. TCU
3. Oregon
4. Stanford
5. tOSU
6. Oklahoma
7. Boise State
8. LSU
9. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma State

I reviewed the earlier bowl games and won’t bore you with any more of that.

Idle Thoughts From 2010:

-Rich Rod is gone. Long live the Rich Rod Offense.
-Death to the 3-3-5 and a kicking game from God knows where…
-If anyone ever mentions Josh Groban to me again…
-That’s almost worse than the App State horror
-Well, not really…But I swear my stomach flip-flops whenever I think about it.
-Will David make the right hire?
-Is the right hire even possible from a forward looking perspective?
-Things make a lot more sense in the rear view mirror.
-The trick is to look backwards without getting too far out in front of yourself…
-Does that make sense?
-The NCAA can kiss my you know what…And don’t miss the bulls-eye.
-Cam Newton eligible to play after being pimped out by the old man…Really?
- tOSU scandal and all 5 kids play in the Sugar Bowl…Really?
-Oversigning (I’ll keep linking it until you watch it) is student athlete abuse…
-Better yet, I've added another gadget to the side bar: SEC Cheating Tracker
-But the big boys will keep doing it until someone tells them that’s a no-no.
-And the NCAA is completely toothless unless you break one of their no-no rules…like overstretching.
-Michael Rosenberg is a recto-cavity…So is Snyder…
-Recto-cavity? Think about it for a minute.
-Jim Delaney needs a better PR firm…
-Leaders and Legends…REALLY???
-The Big 10 went 3-5 in Bowl games…ugh…
-At least football mattered to Michigan fans through October…
-November, not so much.
-It’s amazing when I see people drawing parallels to Michigan and Notre Dame.
-Have we really fallen that far?
-I’ll bet you right now that Michigan has a better record next year than Notre Dame.
-Any takers?
-And maybe, just maybe, we give more than a few of the “new Big 10 Elite” a run for their money next year.
-Is there any way I can predict a double digit victory season next year?

The Hot Seat
Julie is keeping us warm on these cold days and I welcome that picture every morning when I click on the link…

I guess we can’t really have a hot seat at this point, but we do have

1. Rich Rod – Didn’t we all kind of know in the back of our mind’s that this was coming?
2. Brewster – Did you hear they are trying to get Peterson from Boy’s State to interview? Riiiiight…..
3. Dan Hawkins – Colorado’s been winning since he left. Go Figure.
4. Randy Shannon – Miami: Hadn’t even made our hot seat, but I guess if you’re not playing for ACC titles in your 3rd year, you’re gone…
5. Bill Lynch – Indiana: Didn’t see this one coming, either. Figured he had a job till someone saw him and figured he might do better at their school…
6. Wannstache – He might pop up somewhere else
7. Heywood – Pittsburgh fires two head coaches in less than a month….
8. Edsall – Uconn…but only to go to Maryland.
9. Golden – From Temple to Miami…

Hot Coach Search
Edsall – Gone from UConn and going to Maryland.
Brady Hoke –had TCU by the short hairs. He’s raised a lot of eyebrows this year.
Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
Gruden – This guy’s name comes up for every vacancy….
Houston Nutt – See Gruden…
Steve Mariucci – I guess a few years after the Lion’s debacle erases the memory banks…
Les Miles – Will he or won’t he?


FMQ Betting Results:


Jeez, it only took till the last three games of the year to get it right, but man, did it ever pay-off. So, that’s two year’s running on our betting where we’ve taken our mythical $1,000 and made money. Spreadsheets available upon request. For the bowl summary:
I have to take Stanford and the points for $100 tonight…Just too good to pass up.
WIN: Bank:$190

I have to take OSU and the 3.5 for $100, also.
WIN: Bank: $190

I want to go early here and take Oregon and the 3.5 for $100.
WIN: Bank: $190

And what the hell, let’s parlay the 3 for $50.
WIN: $300
Idiot’s Parlay: Lose $50…

BANK: $1,432.50

And just so you know, I would NEVER bet College Basketball…At least on a weekly basis….

Till next season!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Michigan Man To Coach Michigan

Brian over at mgoblog has some strong feelings on a couple of the coaching candidates. I do too and I think it’s time to get those out in the open.

First, I should state right here and right now that I have not, repeat, NOT, been contacted about the football head coaching position at the University of Michigan (yet). I will also state for the record that Michigan’s Head Coach is a place of great honor at one of the most tradition rich universities in the country. But I have not been contacted at this point in time.

So, why did I say that? Well, I’ve decided that Dave Brandon may or may not have a plan at this point. I really thought based on waiting until after the bowl game that Dave in fact had a plan and that plan included a pre-decision/discussion with Jim Harbaugh. And if that failed, well, as I alluded to in a post I made when Brandon was hired, he played under Bo at the same time as Les. And I figured that as a last resort he might take Brady Hoke. But is firing Dick Rod to hire Brady Hoke a “plan”? I mean, I could have drawn that up on a napkin over half a beer at Dooley’s…Er, Scorekeepers.

Really, in my mind anyway, those have been the only two real candidates after we saw what an outsider did to the traditions of Captain, awarding of the Number 1 Jersey to a defensive back, and a number of other traditions thrown under the bus. (Yes, I would love to see Michigan Replay back on Sunday Mornings. But that’s just me.)

But here’s the thing: Whoever David hires, he doesn’t necessarily have to be a Michigan Man, but he CERTAINLY needs to “Understand” Michigan. He needs to respect and embrace certain traditions. And he needs to do all that and somehow keep us on the path that Rich Rod set us on offensively but dig us out of the quagmire that is currently calling itself the Defense and Special Teams. He needs to hire the right O-Coordinator and D-Coordinator (and recruit some defensive players) to put all the pieces together while he’s out glad handing the power brokers of the University and keeping all of them happy.

The college game and recruiting has changed. Yes, players still flock to tradition. But the kids Michigan is recruiting today probably can’t remember the last time Michigan beat Ohio State. I can barely recall it….THAT’S A PROBLEM. Some of them might not be able to remember the last time we beat MSU. That’s another problem. In the sound bite world of twitter, facebook, and all the other what’s going on right now, Michigan’s dominance in the football world is no different than the team Michigan just lost to in the Gator Bowl. Yes, right now, Mississippi State with its hot, offensive minded coach, looks just as good to an able recruit as the old reliable Michigan looks – even better. They have an established coach. All the talking heads on ESPN are saying great things about Mullen and the MSU looking forward to the next 3-4 years in the SEC West. Forget the 110,000 seat stadium in Ann Arbor. Kids want to play for a winner on TV. How many households are you broadcasting to? How often is the team mentioned on ESPN (in a good way)? DeRob making the highlight reels for the first 5 weeks of the season was a great shot in the arm for recruiting. The Defense and the entire team dropping like turds in the toilet for the 2nd half of the season wasn’t so great…

So what do you do and who do you hire to keep the traditions of Michigan alive and also keep Michigan in the mainstream of what’s happening now…

To me, the decision and the pursuit of 1 guy has become obvious.

You need to bring someone here that can “Speak Michigan”. Someone that understands what the Ideal Michigan was (and can be again, if we don’t wait too long). Someone who may have heard his name on a Bob Ufer replay. Someone that embodies Michigan, has proven the ability to change with the game over time (using twitter and facebook) and will not be undone by a few reporters in the press.

Someone that has the battle scars and "miles and miles" of recruiting under his belt that can walk into a living room and explain that tOSU is "less" than what’s being advertised and that Michigan Is MILES ahead of that school down south…Someone with a track record for winning National Titles and not giving two hoots about the odds. Someone willing to take a risk and work with what’s left on the table in the Michigan cupboard.

Les Miles needs to be your next Head Coach. He's demonstrated an ability to work with what he's been given, will recruit his ass off, and will restore pride to this institution. Yes, he might be a cheater, snake oil salesman and there's no doubt he and Lloyd Carr had some issues.

Big F-ing Deal.....

Sorry, Brian (mgoblog), but you need to open your eyes to the history here (both ancient, for you, and recent) with respect to who can come in and get the job done.

Yes, Miles and LSU have some NCAA issues that are about to become known. How bad and what the ramifications are for those infractions is unknown. But I'm a little less trusting of the NCAA at this point, anyway. If they aren't going to enforce or even go after the guys that are doing it wrong (I MEAN REALLY wrong - not just overpracticing), well, then to Hell with the NCAA and a few infractions. Bo might call that "pushing the limits" of the rules.

I'll take Les and the baggage at this point. It can't be any worse than what we've suffered through for 3 years. And a Michigan Man will be selling the pride of this program again. Something that we desperately need at this point in time.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Everyone REMAIN CALM! DON’T PANIC!!! (Yet)

Don't panic yet...There will be plenty of time for panic once the new coach is announced - depending on who that new coach is.

I almost titled this entry:

Brandon Turns Michigan Into Domers NORTH.

Anyone who knows me knows exactly how painful it would have been to write that title.

I hate tOSU.
I hate Sparty.
I hate the SEC…

But there is no one that I truly hate and despise as much as the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) And, unfortunately, as much as I try to not draw the comparisons, it would seem that we have stumbled down the same path as that so-called religious school to the south west… So you know the pain I’m feeling right at this very moment. However, you may also ask,

“MMQ, Why are earth are you making this comparison?”

Well, for starters, we just canned a coach after 3 years (the first year, 2008, universally accepted as a throw away year) with 1 year left on his contract. Was that the right move? I can’t say it was the wrong move and I’m not here to even debate that piece of it. I’m just saying that the Domers canned Losingham after his third season. They also canned Wuzzles after 5 years with 5 left on his contract. And $warbuck$ reiterated time and time again that “money is no object” when it comes to the next coach. At today’s presser, Brandon canned a coach and stated that Michigan would no longer be in the middle of the road when it came to paying it’s head coach.” Does that sound like something that was said by the Domers? Yep….

Michigan hired Rodriguez hoping that a “bright and shiny thing” would come in and make the perceived dinosaur that was Michigan football into a nimble, quick National Championship contender. The Domers hired a big, fat thing hoping that his “bright and shiny” experience training QB Tom Brady in New England would somehow translate to National Titles at the Domers. As we all now know, neither “bright and shiny” idea worked out very well.

What does seem to work is a back to basics approach that implies a Michigan Man on the sidelines and at practice that is defense oriented. Which, if you have been reading me for awhile, I stated we might be doing in 3-4 years if and when the “Bright and Shiny” thing didn’t work out. And what have the Domers done? Gotten back to basics with a down to earth detail oriented guy: Brian Kelly.

Why did Michigan go to the Big East for coaching talent in the first place?

I dunno.

Ask Sailboat Boob Martin and his search committee.

All I do know is that David Brandon needs to make the right hire and he needs to make it RIGHT NOW. I will give him a week, which in today’s sound bite world is probably way too long to save the 2011 recruiting class. But, if you’re a long term thinker like I am, you’ll throw away the next 3 seasons as the ship is righted. And you’re probably throwing away the next 3 seasons, anyway…Of course, how many more 3 season chunks can the Michigan Mystique and the good name of Michigan afford to toss away?

It’s really hard for me to comprehend that it was a mere three years ago when we did this the last time, and it was a post that I personally had to go back and review as to what the “feeling” at the time was. Definitely different. Definitely not a panic.

Anyway, a short list of candidates:

All the ones you’ve heard-

Michigan Man: Absolutely. Drunk? Yep.
Excitement factor – off the chart.
Odds: 2011 to 1. But more on that in a minute…

Michigan Man: Yes.
Excitement Factor: Kind of like getting a new tie for Christmas. (Read: Dead Whoopee). Odds: 2 to 1. Or less.

Michigan Man: Yes.
Excitement Factor: 3 years ago, High. Now? Not so much…this is kind of like 2nd prize if you can’t get Harbaugh.
Odds: I just don’t see this one happening, folks. Too much crap in the toilet with respect to Les that simply can’t be flushed at this point. Accusations, questionable integrity, recruiting issues, etc. No odds on Les….

And now for the ones you haven’t heard of or haven’t thought about:

Here’s what I wrote about Mike Trgovac in 2007: Defensive Line Coach for Green Bay Packers...Played for Bo...Could be a potential upset possibility to Les Miles....We just don't know much about him and is unproven at the head coaching spot...Even Bo was a head coach before he came to Michigan. The only guy without head coaching experience before he got the job??? Lloyd Carr.Odds: 4-1 (2007) Today: 100 to 1

Ron English:
Michigan Man: sort of. More of a Lloyd Carr Man.
Excitement Factor: He hasn’t been successful at Eastern, but I believe he was a good coach that was well respected while he was here (think 2006 defense). And it’s Eastern. He took the only job that was out there when the time came.
Odds: 800 to 1.

Urban Meyer:
Michigan Man: Yes – in a weird, convoluted way. Has always had outs for Michigan in every contract.
Excitement Factor: It would be more of a “Jeez, I’m stunned” factor if he came to Michigan. Odds: 400 to 1.

Mark Richt:
Michigan Man: No.
Excitement Factor: Eh. I’m surprised he still has a job with all the crap that’s going on in Georgia.
Odds: 500 to 1.

Tedford, Jeff (California): Coaches a Big 10 style offense and defense.
Excitement factor…Nada.
Michigan Man…Nada….
Odds: 1,000 to 1.

All the other Peterson, Patterson, Wittingham (who lost to the Domers) and other Non-AQ coaching names that constantly get banded about as potentials for big time programs (in other words, the field):
Michigan Man: None.
Excitement Factor: Depends on who would emerge from the pack.
Odds: 5,000 to 1

However, I do believe that Brandon has a plan. You would hope he LEARNED SOMETHING from the Sailboat Bill debacle...Urban Meyer resigned and Florida fans went beserk with a “What are we gonna do NOW?” attitude.

Florida hired Muschamp. Florida fans rejoiced.

Give the man (Brandon) a chance, people - DON'T PANIC YET! I'm not on the MZone Plane crashing into the mountain yet with the knowledge that Brandon wouldn't have done what he did without a plan - I simply can't believe that at this point. There’s something cooking (I hope) and there’s someone out there waiting to jump on the chance to come to Michigan. That’s my take on it and Brandon knows who that someone is. At least, I sincerely hope he does or the plane that Maize and Brew referred to has in fact crashed into the mountain and it will take years before it’s repaired to the point where we’re competitive again.

And maybe, just maybe…The following played out somewhere.


Miami- Hole in the Wall Bar on January 5th – early morning hours after the Orange Bowl


An Athletic Director, A West Coast College Head Coach, and that Coach’s Brother/NFL Head Coach.

AD: So, you want the job?
West Coast Coach: Absolutely. The time I spent at Michigan was the greatest time in my life. Why wouldn’t I want to come back and turn the situation around?
Brother: Okay. But no one can know that you two spoke.
AD: Yes. That’s critical. It needs to look like it happened naturally.
West Coast Coach: Let’s have a little fun with the press…
AD: That’s a great idea. I’m thinking of leaking the fact that I fire Rich Rod and then deny it ever happened just to make one news outlet look bad. And really screw with one Newspaper in Detroit in particular.
Brother: And I can say that I’ve talked to you and that there’s no WAY he isn’t going to the pros…The press will eat that up.
West Coast Coach: Yeah…And I’ll stay I’m staying at Stanford with 40,000 fans on Saturday and $2.5M annually vs. going back to Michigan and, was it $4 Million, Dave?
AD (wincing): Yes. And $350K for a BCS bowl. And another $1M bonus for a National Title.
West Coast Coach (smiling): Yeah, baby! Hey, let’s figure out how we can fuck with the press some more….
Brother: I can say that your dream has been to coach in the NFL.
West Coast Coach: And I can say that the 49er’s job is right in my back yard and has always been something I wanted to do. I'll even go there for a 5 hour interview to see what they have to say.
AD: And I can easily have a press conference when I fire Rich Rod and look like an ass doing it…And I can call you out and make it look like I'm arrogant enough that I don't need you.
West Coast Coach: But I don’t want to wait too long before you hire me. Can we make it official by Friday?
AD: I think we can do that…
Brother: Then it’s done.
AD: Yep. Jimmy, we’ll see you in a week.

Hey, I'm the MMQ...I can dream a little, can't I?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ding-Dong...The Something is Gone...

Well, it's done, according to Fox Sports, anyway. It's hard to believe they would have got it wrong, but then again, who knows anymore.

But the question that we should be asking isn't "Why did this happen?" but rather, "Why did this happen NOW?"

I hate to agree with another turd of a reporter in the Detroit area, but Lynn Henning kind of nailed it the day after the OSU game: If you're going to can Dick Rod do it now. Get the wheels of progress moving and get whoever is next in here or at least committed to coming here so recruits can get on with their lives and people can get their respective situations in order.

If he's as smart as everyone says he is, why did David Brandon wait? What good could have possibly come from this for Michigan overall? It's a question that Lynn asked and I guess I have to echo the sentiment. Worse, it's a question that probably won't get a straight answer from Brandon with the exception that it was what he said he would do from the beginning. Well, if that's your answer, than your a crappy boss. No offense.

But at soon as a successful businessman sees a need for change, they usually make it and quickly. Don't let the problem fester and continue to grow. Nip it in the bud and move on with life. I am amazed that David hasn't felt more heat (deservedly so) for taking so long. And if the next hire is a question mark, well, there's going to be even more heat for Brandon.

And as I said before, I'm really not sure he deserves that much of what he's getting. All of this mess started with Sailboat Bill the Boob. If he makes a better decision, David's hands aren't wringing about the decision that he needs to make moving forward.

I just hope that some of that successful businessman has been planning, plotting and scheming behind everyone's back and pulls a rabbit out of his hat in the next couple of days that wows everyone.

Because based on the early evidence, Harbaugh ain't coming. Leaving us where, exactly?

Mr. Businessman: Spotlight's on You. I suggest that you leave Josh Groban out of it and make a good decision.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Can’t Fire Rich Rod Till January 4th – The Day After Harbaugh Coaches Stanford to Victory

Luckily I was able to take a long walk on the Indian Rock’s Beach in Tampa in the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Gator Bowl to collect my Michigan thoughts and get away from the tube that was generating nothing but angst and misery for me on New Year’s Day. The beach house we were staying at had an incredible ocean view that became too hard to ignore as Those Who Cannot spiraled into yet another black abyss and it was too beautiful of a day in Tampa to let it go unappreciated. Right down the road, Joe Pa was battling for Big 10 respect. But more on that in a minute.

Yes, MSU (not that one) is a good team with some very talented athletes in a very good conference. But Michigan is supposed to be a good team with some very talented athletes in a very good conference. So what happened? Too much to tell, really. And yet, everything in the game was a reflection of this entire season.

When I look at the situation that’s current, the engineer in me always wants to go back to a root cause. And the root cause in this particular issue is Bill Martin. Always was, always will be. Rich Rod doesn’t show up here (probably) if Bill Martin had put together a better plan or process for replacing Lloyd. I’m not here to say I know what that plan should have been at this point. I’m not the AD (nor will I ever be) at the University of Michigan.

I figured after the time off, Those Who Cannot would be rested, fast and ready to hit and tackle – more like the team that we saw at the beginning of the season. Of course, so would Mississippi State. But Those Who Cannot would want it more…I figured. Once again, I figured poorly. I figured Rich Rod would be coaching for his future. (He hopefully was and the result is that Brandon will be forced to make a change). I figured some things very poorly. Exactly like Sail Boat Bill planned (NOT) for the Lloyd Carr retirement 3 years ago…Poorly.

So that’s out there.

But I’ve truly seen everything I need to see to make the decision that needs to be made on Rich Rod. I hope David Brandon is thinking the same thing, but you can never be sure. My guess is that Brandon alluded to his decision by merely stating that the expectations were higher for the bowl game and that it was an extremely disappointing day. I’m not even saying that I have a plan for Michigan moving forward. But I honestly believe that Brandon was hired in the eventuality that the Rich Rod Decision didn’t work out. And Brandon now has the weight of the world (Michigan’s World) on his shoulders.

Will it be the one decision he makes that defines his legacy as AD? Brandon has bigger and bolder aspirations if you believe the political hacks around Michigan which include running for the office of governor. And of course if he achieves that, who knows what else?

But would he, could he, possibly upset the whole apple cart that is his career by making an incorrect decision at this juncture? That has to be grinding on him every day. Don’t fire Rich, it will cost you. Fire Rich and hire the wrong guy, it will cost you. Fire Rich, hire the right guy only to see him come in here and fail and it will also cost you.

Make the Right Decision, hire a guy who wins and all is well with your world. Do I want to be in his shoes? Nope. But if I was, I know what the first step has to be RIGHT NOW. You cannot continue on this course with this individual. Pull of the band-aid - quickly. Bring in a replacement and hope that it’s someone that unifies the team and fan base. Otherwise, everything you’re hoping to achieve later in life will be for naught.

With respect to what I think will happen and when it will happen: He will of course evaluate Rich Rod. Today or tomorrow. There is a team meeting set for tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:00 P.M. That meeting was set before Gator Bowl. Tonight is the Orange Bowl. Tomorrow, Brandon will undoubtedly speak with Jim Harbaugh with the Stanford AD’s (Bowlsby) permission. Harbuagh HAS NOT signed his extension with Stanford (That says a lot right there.) Harbaugh is a smart guy that a lot of teams would take in a heart beat. And San Francisco, along side Denver, now needs a head coach and both have made overtures toward Jimmy. Is the call of the pros stronger than the call of the Maize and Blue? Only Brandon and Jim Harbaugh know that for sure.

The Rest of the Mess

And what a mess it was…New Year’s Day, if you are a Big 10 Football fan was Armageddon. It was a sign of the apocalypse….Okay, I might be exaggerating slightly here, but it certainly wasn’t good. The Big 10’s best hope, in my mind anyway, was:
Wisconsin vs. TCU: I wasn’t buying the TCU hype, especially due to the fact that Brady Hoke and San Diego State played these guys to a very close loss…And somehow BB’s Boys didn’t show up. Yes, TCU looked better and shut down the Cheeseheads at every turn, but come on…That Cheesehead team can put points on the board.
PSU vs. Gatorland: I really thought Joe Pa and crew could pull this one out, but somehow, Gatorland’s Defense rose to the occasion and continued to be a thorn in the Nittany Lions side….
Satan vs. SPARTY: Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I honestly believed that Satan’s Warriors were the best 3 loss team out there. Right \next to Texas Tech. Everyone in the SEC wanted a piece of Satan this year and a few teams got it. But that didn’t mean that Satan’s warrior’s were pushovers. Now, on the other side of the coin you have a Sparty team that overachieved (yes, I’m using that word) against a couple of big boys in the Big 10, but they didn’t play the Suckeyes and had a huge up day against the Cheeseheads. Iowa, (they finished 7-5, remember?) mopped the field with them. So, it really boiled down to which Sparty team showed up…The Cheeshead Clobberers or the Hawkeye Hacks…It looked a lot like the latter.
Northwestern vs. Texas Tech: Again, I had a sick feeling in my stomach on this one. Fitzgerald had his boys ready to play, but TT was too much at the end of the day. One of the better 9-3 Big IIX teams out there…
Cornsuckers vs. Huskies: Explain to me how you can destroy a team early in the season and then not show up for the re-match? Cornsuckers…Welcome to the Big 10…
Laters vs. Huskies: Huskies tried, but just couldn’t compete. Beast was down this year and could be back next year with a vengeance…

Domers vs. Gangstas: Domers finish on a high note which has to make them feel good, but was Miami as formidable as the Miami’s of past? I don’t think so….

The big games are still to come…So let’s all take a nap and stay up so we can watch till the end.

Idle Thoughts From New Year’s Day (and the Bowls):

-Rich Rod is so done…And if he’s not, Michigan just lost a fan….
-I’m done rooting for this guy…
-David, did you hear that?
-The MMQ will officially pick another team to root for next year.
-It won’t be from the SEC
-I hate those guys more than I hate the NCAA, Domers, Sparty, and the Suckeyes combined…
-Why? Have you seen this? (Thanks MZone)
-That’s why.
-Yes, I hate the SEC. “Bending” the rules is one thing.
-Abusing kids is another.
-These are 18 year old kids being treated like cattle.
-Don't think so? You didn't watch Houston Nutt in the clip about half way through...
-And where’s the NCAA? Nowhere…
-Will Jimmy say yes?
-I know…
-Depends on the question.
-Okay, so the question is: “You coming home to coach for your Alma Mater?”
-Or something similar…
-The Suckeyes in the middle of a scandal are now the Big 10’s best shot at somewhat salvaging the bowl season.
-They lose, it’s 2002 all over again.
-That wasn’t a pretty year, for those that can recall.
-You know who’s been really quiet lately who probably still talks to Jimmy?
-Jamie Morris…Who of course got canned from the University for “questioning” authority?
-Do you think Jimmy would bring him back immediately? For recruiting purposes alone?
-UConn didn’t deserve to be in the Fiesta…
-But from the looks of it Michigan and Sparty didn’t deserve what they got, either.
-Weiss will go back to college coaching…
-As an O-Coordinator at Florida? Really?
-Why not just stay at the Domers under Kelly?
-Baffling, my friends…Simply baffling.

The Hot Seat
Your Hot Seat Mascot is still Julie Bowen and she’s on the side bar as a reminder that the Seat is always hot when you’re not winning…

1. Rich Rod – I really don’t see a way he survives.
2. Richy Rich – Lost to UCF? Really?

1. Brewster – Did you hear they are trying to get Peterson from Boy’s State to interview? Riiiiight…..
2. Dan Hawkins
3. Randy Shannon
4. Bill Lynch
5. Wannstache
6. Heywood – Pittsburgh fires two head coaches in less than a month….
7. Edsall – Uconn…but only to go to Maryland.
8. Golden – From Temple to Miami…

Hot Coach Search
Edsall – Gone from UConn and going to Maryland.
Brady Hoke –had TCU by the short hairs. He’s raised a lot of eyebrows this year.
Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
Gruden – This guy’s name comes up for every vacancy….
Houston Nutt – See Gruden…
Steve Mariucci – I guess a few years after the Lion’s debacle erases the memory banks…


FMQ Betting

For anyone looking to improve on the ole pocket book, well, I decided early that I wasn’t going to bet the early bowls. They are simply too unpredictable. I made some imaginary picks and while I would have gladly taken the Cornsuckers and laid the points (to Washington) I would have been killed. But the same logic would have worked splendidly with Oklahoma vs. UConn…So, I don’t know how to bet the bowls…But…

I am looking at tonight’s game and thinking that Stanford has a serious edge and Va Tech is simply lucky to be there. And Stanford is getting points! Is that disrespect for Stanford, the Pac 10, or both? And is Va Tech that good? And does Va Tech have that much more to prove? I have to take Stanford and the points for $100 tonight…Just too good to pass up.

Tomorrow, we have OSU getting the 3.5 teaser….Normally, after the drubbing that the Big 10 took on New Year’s day, I would jump all over Arkansas to cover like white on rice…But something is telling me that the Suckeyes are going to come out a little pissed off tomorrow…I have to take OSU and the 3.5 for $100, also.

And because you can’t have two picks without a 3rd, I have to look at the 3.5 that Oregon is getting from Auburn. I have flip-flopped on this game so many times based on what I’ve seen, heard and read that it’s not even funny. But based on what the SEC has done, I want to go early here and take Oregon and the 3.5 for $100.

And what the hell, let’s parlay the 3 for $50. That’s $300 if they all come home…

And just to be on the safe, idiot side, let's parlay everything the opposite way: Auburn, Arkansas, and Va Tech for another $50.

Bet Total: $400
BANK: $512.50