Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Season Wrap

Well, it’s Tuesday Morning January 11, 2011, and here’s what we know:

1. Auburn is the National Champion – Bought and Paid for in full to the tune of about $180,000….
2. Oregon is a damn good football team – AND THEY COVERED!
3. Michigan Still DOES NOT have a head coach. As of this morning. More on that in a minute.

The Auburn-Oregon clash left a little to be desired. I know it’s impossible to compare teams week to week or even game to game. And this was THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME so I’m sure there were some nerves…But still, it seemed like the 2nd half before either of these offenses found their groove and got something going. I’ve heard (not seen recently) that a defense that has a month to prepare for a team can literally scheme and find ways to take away just about everything the other offense can do. That would seem the case as both teams punted more in the first half than they had all season. And then it seemed like it all happened at once. Auburn’s fumble, Oregon’s score and 2-pointer and I’m wide awake again thinking we’re going to OT. But, alas, a screwed up play somehow punctuated a screwed up season. Someone somewhere needs to re-determine what “down” actually means so kids aren’t laying there belly up as prime spearing material for an overzealous linebacker that is “Playing till the whistle blows”. I can see that film getting re-run in front of thousands of defensive players with D-coordinators screaming to make sure the ball carrier is down. And then Auburn seals the victory with the field goal. Yeah, not very satisfying…

I couldn’t help but wonder how either of these teams would have faired against Stanford (Well, yes, we know Oregon destroyed them in the regular season), TCU, or OSU. I’m leaving Oklahoma out because even though they played in a BCS game, it sucked. And I wonder if any of those 1 loss teams (or TCU) could take on Auburn at this point and win. My guess is yes.

But get this: I don’t need to know. Auburn proved everything they needed to prove this entire season by going undefeated, playing their schedule, and winning. So while I’m not satisfied, it’s satisfying enough to not have to wait ANOTHER WEEK to figure out who the best team in college football is.

Auburn, and the “ESS-EEE-SEE”, is the National Champ for the 2010 season. Cheating be damned and a tarnished Heisman trophy to be pulled at a later date.

Deal with it.

So, when I said Michigan didn't have a head coach, I actually meant that I think we do have a head coach and his initials are Les Miles. If David Brandon is sitting in Ann Arbor today when there's a coaches convention going on in Dallas that he happens to be the honorary CEO of, do you think that maybe, just maybe, Ole Dave has his man in his pocket?

Me too...

In retrospect, what a college football season it was. Thrills, chills, and spills made it a fascinating season to watch, not to mention the fact that the Big 10 added Nebraska to the mix early in the spring to keep us all on our toes.

I usually like to look at the pre-season spectacular to see how I did as far as my own prognostication goes. Even before glancing at it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have Auburn anywhere as a dark horse. I didn’t even have Oregon. I unfortunately let you all down and didn’t go off the page in my prediction this year, choosing instead to listen to all the talking heads that “think” they know what’s going on. Yes, you can’t argue with past season results. But kids that didn’t win last year will simply want it more the next year. So without further ado…the final

The Rest of the Mess

1. Alabama – Everyone’s pre-season favorite. I guess I have to like Satan, too. They didn’t lose much and they will be back with a little something to prove.
-This pick sucked and I should have see it coming…It’s tough to repeat at any level…

2. OSU – Everyone has these two in the Championship Game, and more than likely, that’s what’ll happen…unless
-This one would have been okay had it not been for a screw up in Madison.

3. Nebraska – Favorable schedule. Texas home. Pellini’s third year. Revenge for the Big 12 Championship game. Suh is gone, but overall defense is looking better. I like Nebraska this year. Especially since they’re coming to the Big 10.
-Wow…what an embarrassment. Welcome to the Big 10.

4. TCU – why? Look at their schedule…BCS spoiler for sure
-This pick was one of two that made it into the top 10 and it was a team that impressed me, but I still say you have to play in a real conference week in/week out. That’s just me and President Gee talking…

5. Texas – will have some losses but plays on New Year’s day
-Where has the love of God gone when a pre-season top 5 team doesn’t make a bowl game?

6. Arkansas – Mallet, if he stays healthy, has these guys in a BCS bowl and they are my favorite dark horse for the Championship Game.
-Well, they had Alabama beat and could have beat Auburn…This was a pretty good pick, too.

7. West Virginia – always tough….
-What was I drinking? Something from West Virginia, probably….

8. Va-Tech: Beamer seems to find a way into the top 10 by the end of the season
-Beamer’s team might have been there had it not been for two huge turds at the beginning of the season. And running into the Stanford Freight Train didn’t help in the Orange, either.

9. Florida – Yes, Urban Legend finds a way to win without Touchdown Tim…and finally
-Again, what was I drinking?

10. MICHIGAN! – Makes a New Year’s Day bowl game and is out of the Big 10 cellar….
-Ahem….enough said.

And what did our final 10 look like?

1. Auburn
2. TCU
3. Oregon
4. Stanford
5. tOSU
6. Oklahoma
7. Boise State
8. LSU
9. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma State

I reviewed the earlier bowl games and won’t bore you with any more of that.

Idle Thoughts From 2010:

-Rich Rod is gone. Long live the Rich Rod Offense.
-Death to the 3-3-5 and a kicking game from God knows where…
-If anyone ever mentions Josh Groban to me again…
-That’s almost worse than the App State horror
-Well, not really…But I swear my stomach flip-flops whenever I think about it.
-Will David make the right hire?
-Is the right hire even possible from a forward looking perspective?
-Things make a lot more sense in the rear view mirror.
-The trick is to look backwards without getting too far out in front of yourself…
-Does that make sense?
-The NCAA can kiss my you know what…And don’t miss the bulls-eye.
-Cam Newton eligible to play after being pimped out by the old man…Really?
- tOSU scandal and all 5 kids play in the Sugar Bowl…Really?
-Oversigning (I’ll keep linking it until you watch it) is student athlete abuse…
-Better yet, I've added another gadget to the side bar: SEC Cheating Tracker
-But the big boys will keep doing it until someone tells them that’s a no-no.
-And the NCAA is completely toothless unless you break one of their no-no rules…like overstretching.
-Michael Rosenberg is a recto-cavity…So is Snyder…
-Recto-cavity? Think about it for a minute.
-Jim Delaney needs a better PR firm…
-Leaders and Legends…REALLY???
-The Big 10 went 3-5 in Bowl games…ugh…
-At least football mattered to Michigan fans through October…
-November, not so much.
-It’s amazing when I see people drawing parallels to Michigan and Notre Dame.
-Have we really fallen that far?
-I’ll bet you right now that Michigan has a better record next year than Notre Dame.
-Any takers?
-And maybe, just maybe, we give more than a few of the “new Big 10 Elite” a run for their money next year.
-Is there any way I can predict a double digit victory season next year?

The Hot Seat
Julie is keeping us warm on these cold days and I welcome that picture every morning when I click on the link…

I guess we can’t really have a hot seat at this point, but we do have

1. Rich Rod – Didn’t we all kind of know in the back of our mind’s that this was coming?
2. Brewster – Did you hear they are trying to get Peterson from Boy’s State to interview? Riiiiight…..
3. Dan Hawkins – Colorado’s been winning since he left. Go Figure.
4. Randy Shannon – Miami: Hadn’t even made our hot seat, but I guess if you’re not playing for ACC titles in your 3rd year, you’re gone…
5. Bill Lynch – Indiana: Didn’t see this one coming, either. Figured he had a job till someone saw him and figured he might do better at their school…
6. Wannstache – He might pop up somewhere else
7. Heywood – Pittsburgh fires two head coaches in less than a month….
8. Edsall – Uconn…but only to go to Maryland.
9. Golden – From Temple to Miami…

Hot Coach Search
Edsall – Gone from UConn and going to Maryland.
Brady Hoke –had TCU by the short hairs. He’s raised a lot of eyebrows this year.
Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
Gruden – This guy’s name comes up for every vacancy….
Houston Nutt – See Gruden…
Steve Mariucci – I guess a few years after the Lion’s debacle erases the memory banks…
Les Miles – Will he or won’t he?


FMQ Betting Results:


Jeez, it only took till the last three games of the year to get it right, but man, did it ever pay-off. So, that’s two year’s running on our betting where we’ve taken our mythical $1,000 and made money. Spreadsheets available upon request. For the bowl summary:
I have to take Stanford and the points for $100 tonight…Just too good to pass up.
WIN: Bank:$190

I have to take OSU and the 3.5 for $100, also.
WIN: Bank: $190

I want to go early here and take Oregon and the 3.5 for $100.
WIN: Bank: $190

And what the hell, let’s parlay the 3 for $50.
WIN: $300
Idiot’s Parlay: Lose $50…

BANK: $1,432.50

And just so you know, I would NEVER bet College Basketball…At least on a weekly basis….

Till next season!


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