Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ding-Dong...The Something is Gone...

Well, it's done, according to Fox Sports, anyway. It's hard to believe they would have got it wrong, but then again, who knows anymore.

But the question that we should be asking isn't "Why did this happen?" but rather, "Why did this happen NOW?"

I hate to agree with another turd of a reporter in the Detroit area, but Lynn Henning kind of nailed it the day after the OSU game: If you're going to can Dick Rod do it now. Get the wheels of progress moving and get whoever is next in here or at least committed to coming here so recruits can get on with their lives and people can get their respective situations in order.

If he's as smart as everyone says he is, why did David Brandon wait? What good could have possibly come from this for Michigan overall? It's a question that Lynn asked and I guess I have to echo the sentiment. Worse, it's a question that probably won't get a straight answer from Brandon with the exception that it was what he said he would do from the beginning. Well, if that's your answer, than your a crappy boss. No offense.

But at soon as a successful businessman sees a need for change, they usually make it and quickly. Don't let the problem fester and continue to grow. Nip it in the bud and move on with life. I am amazed that David hasn't felt more heat (deservedly so) for taking so long. And if the next hire is a question mark, well, there's going to be even more heat for Brandon.

And as I said before, I'm really not sure he deserves that much of what he's getting. All of this mess started with Sailboat Bill the Boob. If he makes a better decision, David's hands aren't wringing about the decision that he needs to make moving forward.

I just hope that some of that successful businessman has been planning, plotting and scheming behind everyone's back and pulls a rabbit out of his hat in the next couple of days that wows everyone.

Because based on the early evidence, Harbaugh ain't coming. Leaving us where, exactly?

Mr. Businessman: Spotlight's on You. I suggest that you leave Josh Groban out of it and make a good decision.

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