Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nick Satan's Likeness Forever Captured....

Yes...It's true. Satan will have his likeness next to the Wade, Thomas, Bear, and Stallings statues...and we will have to endure it forever. Of course, any Sparty's that want to road trip could always spray paint him green and white. To this I say: Go for it! That would be classic...

However, the Satan likeness won't be on time. Not that it's a big deal that it's late. I'm just amazed that a National Title gets you a statue...That and a whole lot of recruiting violations and otherwise overt cheating and you too, can get a statues outside of Alabama's Bryant-Denny. But, maybe that's sour grapes.

I guess Michigan is all about the team. I'm not even sure there's a statue of Bo...After a quick search, I was right. But there is a bust of the Ole' Coach at the Michigan Cardiovascular center.

Which somehow seems appropriate.

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