Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lloyd Carr Retires from Assistant AD Spot

So, it finally happened.

Question is, was it voluntary or did David give Lloyd a nudge in order to bring the Michigan House in order in full support of the Rod?

Methinks that Lloyd was going to be tasked with "something" real and deliverable that he didn't want to do and decided with David that it was time to call it quits. Why else would Lloyd leave a job where he could set his own hours, keep an office near the team and school that he loved, and more or less collect a pay check for being Lloyd Carr?

Frankly, I'm glad this happened. If Rich Rod has any chance of hanging past this year, this was probably a necessary step. In fact, it was critical that Lloyd go, if you're a Rich Rod fan. David has more or less stated that there isn't any more internal strife. It's the Rod's job - succeed or fail.

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