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2010 Pre-Season Spectacular!

I'm not starting the season out on a negative. Just can't do it. I know when I did my season wrap last year I used a little known acronym for this year’s rallying cry:



However, I may have been a little frustrated with the performance of these freshmen and I need to figure that the biggest improvement we’re going to see is from last year to this year…With that in mind, I am removing, temporarily, the BOHICA rallying cry and changing it to:


Everything Might Be Okay….

Your MMQ is going to try an analysis this year that’s a little more objective, but not to the point where you get bored stiff from reading it. It’s a simple + system where the more pluses you have, the better off you are.

So, looking at the Michigan 2010 Roster and Depth Chart, let’s get rolling:

Wide Receiver ++++ (4 out of 5)

These guys can only be as good as the QB that’s throwing them the ball. So, hopefully, they are going to have great seasons. On the other hand….Well, let’s not go there just yet.

Offensive Line +++
Pulled from the roster – no regard to depth. Curious to see if this group can manage this year. Everything on the line is key in the spread.

Tight End ++ (I guess?)

Not sure about these three as the Tight End seems non-existent in the spread offense…Whatever became of the Michigan Tight End?

Tailback + (Yes, that’s 1 +)

Michael Shaw
….I’m nervous about this spot. Hopefully there’s someone waiting in the wings that's ready to shine...

Quarterback (++++)
Tate Forcier
Denard Robinson
Devin Gardner

Okay…If this is what is supposed to make the spread great – athleticism , speed, and play making ability, then I think we almost have this position covered. But, do they have the brains to go with everything else??? 6 inches on the field is one thing, but they need the game that's inside the 6 inches between their ears, too....

Kicker (++)

Gulp….But why should this be any different from any other year? Why can’t we get a legacy family that produces a kicker every 4 years or so for Michigan?

Punter (++)

This is going to be rough….Zoltan was unquestionably the most valuable player the offense and defense had at time through 2008 and 2009.


Defensive Tackle (+)
stop many last year…But this has to improve, right?

Defensive End (+)
Van Bergen

Without Brandon Graham, the offensive front line is taking a big hit…Can the group rise to the occasion?

Line Backer (+++)
Coaching is everything…And maybe the coaching here improves the core to the point that they are delivering everything we need.

Cornerback (++)
Ugh…This is going to be a weakness. Get used to it…

Safety (+)
Lots of names, but any improvement?

So, overall, I’d say this team is about 2 to 3 +’s….Not good from an objective standpoint. But are we judging all of them too harshly based on past performance? Past performance is not always indicative of future performance and improvement.

And that’s one thing Michigan has going for them. They’re hungry. And let's not forget...They're Wolverines!

Let’s look at the season schedule and see what games we win and what games are close….You might be surprised at the end of this… I eluded to the fact that it would take a total contrarian to come up with this and yes, I’m that slappy.

UConn Huskies - HOME: I like Michigan here. Yes, UConn is tough on the road and beat the Domers last year. But I think we are going to be able to give these guys a good game with the Re-Dedication and a full house of 109,901 cheering on the Maize and Blue. It might be close, but Michigan prevails, 28-17.

Domers – Away: Well, this will be a must win for the Rod and Kelly might get a bye this year. That doesn’t mean he won’t want to win a big game on the Domer’s home field to establish his presence. But the pundits will have a ball with the Rod on this one because Kelly was available for the Michigan Job and got Rod instead…Should the Rod lose. I was undecided but I now have to chalk this one as a W in the side bar. Michigan 24-Domers 21.

UMASS – Home: Should be an easy home game after two strenuous tests. If Michigan has won both, there will be some Rich Rod relief, but questions will remain about Big 10 record. This is a must win and a slip here could be the death dagger in the heart….Michigan 31 – UMASS – 13
Bowling Green – HOME: I think the Rod has learned his lesson about MAC teams. Michigan 28 – Bowling Green 17

Indiana: You have to beat the I-Schools. It’s a God given Michigan Right. If you don’t, you’re doomed…Michigan 42 – Hoosiers 27

SPARTY – HOME: Always a love fest, Michigan has double revenge at HOME against the Jolly Green Giants…Look for a Michigan blow out here, with an unrelenting Offense that just continues to score, regardless of time on the clock. Michigan 45 – SPARTY 34.

IOWA – HOME: Revenge Game. Home Coming. Originally a loss on the side bar. However, based on the double whammy above and IF Michigan is on any kind of roll, I think we can take the Children of the Corn and Ferentz. Michigan 31-Iowa 28.

Penn State – Away: This is a tuffy… Michigan has plenty of revenge here. PSU lost several key personnel, but the new crew will be gelling and ready for us. If we can go into Happy Valley and catch this team sleeping, we’ve got a shot. Michigan 34 – PSU 31.

Illinois – HOME: We owe this team. They should be weaker than last year. If we’re better, this should be a W. Zookie’s fate might be sealed in this game, also, if the Illini have already started faltering….Michigan 38 – Illini 16.

Purdue – Away: Purdue has got to be a thorn in Rich Rod’s side and my guess is he’s really ready to start sticking some thorns of his own. If Michigan is still rolling, look out for a breakout romp. Michigan 49 – Purdue 24.

Wisconsin – HOME: Cheeseheads will most likely be on a roll. Circle this game as a crucial Big 10 match-up that will define the top of the standings. Michigan wins in OT - 42 – 40.

OSU – AWAY: Okay. If you have been following along, Michigan hasn’t lost a game yet. Yes, we’re undefeated and while we haven’t impressed defensively, offensively we’re a juggernaut. OSU has a blemish on their record and needs the win. Their playing tight and Michigan has several years of abuse (two recent years) behind them and will bring it all into the Snake Pit….Michigan gets one, finally, from OSU and keeps a perfect season alive: Michigan 38 – OSU 28.

Silly you say? Well, I believe that the Rod is coming into his own. I also believe that two 2nd year QB’s are going to make a world of difference in this system and will have opposing defensive coaches pulling their hair out. So, Michigan might not stop many people, but it’s going to be a race to see who can score the most. Just my line of thinking right now. And maybe a little slappiness thrown in the mix....

Rest of the Mess

1. Alabama – Everyone’s pre-season favorite. I guess I have to like Satan, too. They didn’t lose much and they will be back with a little something to prove.
2. OSU – Everyone has these two in the Championship Game, and more than likely, that’s what’ll happen…unless
3. Nebraska – Favorable schedule. Texas home. Pellini’s third year. Revenge for the Big 12 Championship game. Suh is gone, but overall defense is looking better. I like Nebraska this year. Especially since they’re coming to the Big 10.
4. TCU – why? Look at their schedule…BCS spoiler for sure
5. Texas – will have some losses but plays on New Year’s day
6. Arkansas – Mallet, if he stays healthy, has these guys in a BCS bowl and they are my favorite dark horse for the Championship Game.
7. West Virginia – always tough….
8. Va-Tech: Beamer seems to find a way into the top 10 by the end of the season
9. Florida – Yes, Urban Legend finds a way to win without Touchdown Tim…and finally
10. MICHIGAN! – Makes a New Year’s Day bowl game and is out of the Big 10 cellar….

See, I told you I’d find a way to get Michigan into the Top 10.

Idle Thoughts from the Off Season….
1. Did David Brandon know what he was getting himself into?
2. Has he had a discussion with Lloyd Carr and others to “stop” the non-support of Rich?
3. Is David Brandon the right guy for the job?
4. Especially if he’s only using this position as a stepping stone to the Governor’s mansion?
5. Will this be another case of hiring a new head coach and moving on?
6. Why do I think these things? Because I’d like my daughters to see that we can actually beat Ohio State! And Sparty, for that matter.
7. Is Nebraska in the Big 10 a really good thing? Or is it a great thing?
8. What will the divisions look like, when the time comes?
9. Do we care? Really? Michigan will still have to play all the tough teams…
10. Is Texas that big of an Egotistical morass of humanity? Yep…
11. I didn’t think anyone could unseat the Domers for that title.
12. Will USC just treat this like a bump in the road or is it a really big deal?
13. Lane Kiffin is pretty much there for life at this point.
14. At least there’s plenty of off the field shenanigans elsewhere to keep some of the light off Michigan…
15. I like the stadium changes. I really do. 109,901! Fielding H. Yost Lives ON!
16. But are they too late? 20+ Corporate boxes are still available with no corporations around to buy them. Is this the new austerity – frugality of big time companies that realize it simply doesn’t look good to throw that kind of money around?
17. So if that’s true, what happens to those empty suites?
18. Think they’ll have a blogging contest that will see winners get a suite for a game?
19. That would be cool…Not saying I’d win, but it’d be cool none the less.
20. I do believe that there’s 9 victories out there for Michigan this year. And it’s not the booze or anything else talking.
21. If we’re going to turn the ship around, it starts right now.
22. Of course, basketball seems to continue to wallow in its own ineptitude, no matter what recruits we bring in…
23. Expansion was fun and exciting, but I sort of felt let down when it came to an end.
What else was there to talk about?
24. With the exception of LeBron…Thank God that’s over. I was getting tired of having to sit through 10 minutes of “Where’s he going?” during sportscenter.
25. Another OSU alum gone…Steinbrenner has a heart attack and goes to the big game in the sky. Assuming he went up, of course.
26. Off Seasons are longer when you’re not good. I used to look forward to the coming seasons with more excitement. Now, I just sort of wonder what’s going to happen….
27. What big news story will the Freep “Scoop” mid August of this year?
28. And will it actually be newsworthy?
29. At least we still have the Detroit News and Daily for good, honest reporting.


This year’s hot seat mascot is wide open, once again. While Erin Andrews picture has been on the side bar the entire off season, I think I will leave that on the side bar, maybe at the bottom, as a reminder to everyone that your vote matters! We need the mascots! They keep it interesting! And while I wanted to start it off with a bang, I couldn’t come up with the perfect mascot. However, there’s a little song that my daughters like and after the 100th time I heard it, I have to admit that it was a catchy little tune…And while we are long since removed from finding an MMQ connection to our mascots, I’d like to think that Katy Perry and the MMQ have crossed paths somewhere in this life or a past one…I mean, I like California Girls as much as the next guy and, believe me, I've woken up in Vegas more than once wondering what in the hell happened...

Hot Seat Ranking

1. Rich Rod. He’s there until he’s not…But that could happen sooner rather than later, unless the MMQ’s predictions come true.
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU…
4. Mark Richt – Georgia needs a New Year’s Day Bowl. And his AD got himself canned driving under the influence. New AD’s like to can head coaches that aren’t doing well and bring in their own guy….
5. Jimmy Harbaugh – But not for the reason’s you think. Yes, upsetting USC buys you a couple of years, but the message boards for Stanford think Jimmy runs his mouth too much….

Games of the Year
Texas @ Nebraska
Michigan @ OSU
Sparty @ Michigan
Michigan @ Domers
USC @ Domers
Alabama @ LSU
Many, many more…

Is it Saturday yet?

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