Monday, February 5, 2018

The Gophers & the Super Bowl

Let’s Address What Has A Lot Of College Fans Ticked Off This AM…
And that’s this clip right here:
That’s Michigan Man on Michigan Man Football, folks. (Unfortunately, the clip cuts out before Al Michaels calls it “Michigan Man on Michigan Man”)  And they are two of the best that played in the Big House and maybe didn’t get the results they deserved while in college.  Brady having to share playing time with Drew Henson and Graham playing for what had to be some of the worst defensive teams that Michigan fielded under Rich Rod (but was recruited by Carr).  The Rich Rod Defenses have become a picture in the dictionary that comes up when you search for the definition to “Oxymoron”.  They weren’t good.  And the scheme they were playing in was not being coached correctly…obviously. 
Graham creating that game sealing fumble was bitter sweet.  I mean, yes, I would have loved to see Brady drive for the winning score with 2 and change left, but fate decided otherwise.  And if there was ever a deserving guy, Graham is it. 
Everyone else will be talking Foles and others today, but the story at the end of the game was a “Michigan Man” on a “Michigan Man”
Yep – That’s what has a whole bunch of College Football people pissed off on this Monday Morning After...They had to hear about Michigan during a great Super Bowl… 
Games – Dates – Time – Result - Record
Illinois(H)                  January 6th               Noon                          WON  79-69              14-3
Purdue (H)                January 9th               9:00 PM                     Lost    70-69              14-4
Sparty (A)                   January 13th              Noon                          WON  82-72              15-4
Maryland (H)            January 15th            6:30 PM                     WON 68-67               16-4
Nebraska (A)             January 18th              8:00 PM                     LOST 72-52              16-5
Rutgers (H)              January 21st             Noon                          WON  62-47              17-5
Purdue (A)                 January 25th              7:00 PM                     LOST  92-88             17-6
Northwestern (H)    January 29th            7:00 PM                     WON  58-47              18-6
Minnesota (H)          February 3rd             2:30 PM                     WON  76-73 (OT)    19-6
Northwestern (A)      February 6th              6:00PM
Wiscy (A)                   February 11th            Noon
Iowa   (H)                   February 14th           6:30 PM
Suckeyes (H)           February 18th           1:00 PM
PSU (A)                      February 21st            7:00 PM
Maryland (A)             February 24th            Noon
Jeez…It Wasn’t Pretty, But It Is A “W”
If you watched this game on Saturday, you were thinking that Michigan is going to lose because of (Pick any or all that apply):
Missed Free Throws   - 42% for the game.  That SUCKS…
Missed Three Point Attempts – 25% for the game
Lousy Defense
All of the above…
Michigan again couldn’t find the basket even though they were getting wide open 3-point looks that this team usually drops with aplomb.  For whatever reason, the Crisler Hoops weren’t allowing those shots to fall and Michigan found itself in a dog fight with a pesky Gopher team that WOULDN’T GO AWAY.
What was becoming increasingly clear for me was that the Gophers had decided they weren’t laying down and were playing as I alluded to on Friday – with House Money.  The attitude of “Screw it.  We’re out of this but let’s try to make someone else’s season a little more miserable.”  And they almost did.  The Gophers shot an incredible 63% from the field and hung around in this game, took it to OT and almost came away with a win.
But, winning teams find a way and that’s exactly what Michigan did.  Yes, your eyes weren’t deceiving you and Michigan did start playing a Zone Defense and that seemed to help.  And they found a way to win. 
In actuality, as was observed by SuperFan, the last seconds refereeing had to be the worst I’ve seen in some time.  Robinson should have been on the line and was FOULED REPEATEDLY.  If you didn’t see it, jump to the 1 hour 7 minute and 30 second mark. (1:07:30) You’ll understand the anger of the no-call.
All that and no whistle – except for moving the pivot foot.  I’ll let SuperFan Summarize Here:
When viewed in slow-motion, it becomes absolutely unarguable that Robinson was viciously hacked at least three times by two different players long before he slid his pivot.  These were OBVIOUS fouls at any time of the game, but when everyone in the arena knows that Minn is trying to foul, AND IS, in fact FOULING THE HELL out of the opponent, the lack of a foul call is inexcusable.  This is how fights start and real serious injuries happen!  Or the team that is behind ends-up being forced to commit an obvious intentional foul, because the normal foul/fouls isn't called until the A-hole refs see blood on the court.

Ah….Blood On the Court.
Could be the working title of a book regarding this season’s officiating.  It has been bad.  I have a feeling there will be more bad calls
I hate Refs..
This was, without a doubt, one of the ugliest games I’ve seen in awhile and hopefully Michigan is treating it a little like a loss in order to keep their edge.  I don’t know what else to say about it except that over the course of a season, you’re going to have ugly wins. 
This was one of them.
Up Next – Northwestern, Tomorrow at 6:00 PM

If Michigan plays tomorrow like they did on Saturday, keep your expectations for a “W” in Evanston low.  

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