Friday, May 30, 2014

This Can't Go Under the Category, "Once a Sparty...Always a Sparty", 'Cause He's Not One Yet....

I hate to report news on our rivals that makes them look bad (Well, technically...NOT!), but I would be re-miss if I didn't share this tidbit of news with you:

Jayru Campbell Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail For Body Slamming School Security Guard.

I get that sometimes stuff gets out of hand...but Sparty has too good of an image at this point to tarnish with a 3-star with attitude and anger management issues. 

A word of advice from the MMQ:  Dump this guy faster than a goose craps green grass on a fertilized lawn and be happy you did it.

It's time to move on from this image issue, Sparty.  And this is the perfect time.

Of course, it may have already happened...

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