Friday, May 30, 2014

Michigan Season Renewals Down For Football...But STUDENT Season Renewals REALLY SUCK!!!

In what can only be described as an "THE MMQ TOLD YOU SO!" moment, it seems the "backward bending for anyone but his own fans" Brandon has finally seen what the students and general fans think of a season where you don't have at least one of the following at home in the regular season:


19,000 Student tix last year down to 13,000 - 14,000 in 2014?  That's a serious problem.  These are tomorrow's fans that are attending the university.  And moreover, they're tomorrow's big donors, too.  You are NOT LISTENING to the students or today's fans and making the game day experience worth what we have to shell out for it.  Expect to see a lot of "Marketing" of Michigan in the near future with "Family Ticket Packages" to cover that 5K-6K gap that students have left open.  And those packages will probably include a hot dog and a "Small Beverage", but not a Big House Souveneir Cup (which would be the thing you SHOULD give away to the casual fan to improve their experience).  And no parking.  That you will need to figure out on your own....

How did this Home Schedule get so bad?  I'm not saying there's anything that could have been done about the Domers.  That one was out of his control and it's obvious to anyone that's been paying attention that the domers had been looking for the first exit door that they could find that would get them out of the Michigan game.  And they took it.

But why did Brandon "fold" to the AD at Sparty and give in to their "schedule" needs and ignore his own fans?  That part I just don't get.....It's not that hard.  You're Michigan and you should be able to throw your weight around with the B1G to a certain extent and simply say, "Hey, we need one of you clowns in the even years to be our HOME GAME." 

There, was that so hard? 

I did a little digging when to figure out why this happened and as I recalled it had more to do with Sparty than ohio.  ohio didn't change anything, but we somehow ended up with two straight up in East Lansing and now everything is out of sync...and will be for the foreseeable future. 

Recalling the "Puke Factor" that I sometimes use to rate the Bowl Games on a scale of 1 to 5, please see the attached chart to help understand why if you were a student looking for an 3 extra C-Notes a semester to spend on books, partying, whatever, you could see where it would be justifiable to cross "Student Football Tickets" off the list....The "PF" Average alone is really all you need....

1.8 Road Schedule is actually pretty good with the only unsatisfying game at Rutgers.  However, when the overstated PF of App State is added to the home schedule, the Home PF drops to a miserable 4.  And with three 4's on thie list in Utah, Miami and Maryland...Well, it's not a good thing to be raising ticket prices and PSL's.  People will find another way to enjoy the game.  Namely, at home in front of a new 60" or 70" HD broadcast and a party they can throw with the money they saved on the tickets!!!

Sadly, I'm not sure the Athletic Department gets it or even cares.  Brandon will just use this as an excuse to add to his "Marketing Budget" because people don't know "How much fun it is to spend an entire day in Ann Arbor fighting traffic and watching a poor product on the field." 

But this is what it means to be a fan of the Wolverines, lately. 

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