Friday, April 25, 2014

Well, This Sucks....McGary Gone

In case you haven't heard or haven't been following along:

Mitch McGary declares for NBA Draft due to a failed drug test administered by the NCAA.  The drug was marijuana - which, that gives him some sort of  athletic competitive edge? - and he would have been forced to sit out a full season on top of the season he already sat out. runs it all down pretty well here and so does in the side bar.

My Take:  Well - That's  - Fantastic..NOT.  First, I get that kids are going to be kids and I lived in Ann Arbor where the funny stuff appeared at more parties than you could count.  I would imagine there were contact highs for everyone who attended some social function at Michigan.  Not only that, but it's a misdemeanor in Ann Arbor and 17 states have already legalized it and we are probably going to see weed legal in the US within the next 5-10 years. 

But the NCAA is banning kids for an entire season for smoking?  Really?  And 3 Beer Floydd and others who get stumbling drunk don't get any kind of NCAA punishment for underage drinking????  In fact, I didn't even know a NCAA punishment existed for smoking dope...So, I've been edumacated....

Michigan fought it and appealed, but the NCAA isn't going to let up. It would appear that the NCAA just wants to screw up any possibility of producing a better kid (and better college basketball product) in the process...


Good Luck McGary and we wish you well.  I will now be left to wonder forever what could have been?

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