Friday, April 4, 2014

Sorting Out Who To Root For This Weekend...And Footbuhl???

First, Congrats need to go out to the last B1G team playing other than Wiscy this season:  The Gophers win the NIT!  While around some of these parts, those are words that open up a joke, I think most fans know that it’s still something to hang your hat on as a fan and definitely something to build on moving forward….

With respect to what’s left of the NCAA’s and seeing as how I no longer have a dog (or bracket) in the fight, I believe I can objectively help all the casual fans that read this drivel figure out who they should be rooting for Saturday and then subsequently, Monday night.
EFFFFF-Kentucky.  I hate Kentucky and the Big Blue Nation and wish that Michigan would have somehow found a way to beat those clowns.  I hate-em, hate-em, hate-em….Everything Calipari represents is what’s wrong with college basketball.  I’m not saying Belein and others are right, I’m just saying I can’t stand that guy and his smarmy attitude and his vacated titles from Memphis and U-Mass.  And Kentucky loves the guy….Sheesh….So, there’s one easy one to eliminate from the 4.

Second, we hate the SEC.  I know, it’s not football…But we can still hate the SEC.  Therefore, Florida must go down to Ollie and the Huskies. 
Third, while I make fun of the Troll Center and the Grinch that coaches all the Bucky Badgers, I think it’s appropriate to allow yourself one game…This is hard to type…One game where you can sort of…Kind of…root for Wiscy.  I would like to see the B1G somehow vindicated in all of this and Wiscy winning a National Title would kind of get the B1G that exoneration.  But God…..that is really gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth….Not quite as bad as “Go Irish”, but I think you understand where I’m coming from.

Back to Futbol – Footbull – Football
In case you haven’t heard and you are some sort of soccer fan, this is happening at the Big House on August 2nd of this year (And they’re gonna’ have beer!):


If anyone is interested in getting tix, you can let me know me or any season ticket holder and they have some special options early next week for getting tix.  Personally, I could care less about this, but it might be kind of fun to sit in the Big House and drink an icy cold one watching a bunch of Hooligans go ape doo-doo on each other…Then again, I would be giving up a really nice day on the lake….
Tough call.
Spring Game

Football already?  Didn’t we just get over the pain of last season?  Why couldn’t we have stretched the hoops season out at least two more games and three more wins?
That would have been fun…Now, we have to turn to football…Except the Women’s Softball team and the Men’ Baseball Team are rolling pretty well this season, also…So there’s that. 

There’s a spring game Saturday at the Big House that really isn’t a game and it really won’t feature two teams against each other.  If you believe everything you hear things are going AWESOME and Michigan is literally on the verge of turning a corner now that Nussmeier is simplifying the offense and blah-blah-blah…..Yadda-yadda-yadda….
Look – I hate to seem pessimistic, but I was incredibly optimistic going into last season and all I saw was complete and utter regression on offense (with the exception of the ohio game) and a defense that was hamstrung with a lousy offense and could not achieve it’s potential due to the fact that they were on the field too long…

There’s a lot that needs to be proven to the fans this season and there’s lots of expectations.  The first one being:
Win the last game against the domers

Beat Sparty
Beat ohio

Come to think of it…Just win all the games on the schedule that you’re supposed to win and at least be competitive in the games you should be…
And everything will be fine…

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