Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Michigan Take

So, I’ve given the Monday rundown of the NCAA’s first weekend and all the exciting things that happened, but I haven’t had a chance to share thoughts and feelings (Maybe:  REASONS?)  about how this Michigan team is going about its business.  Rather than pen in my usual way, I figured I’d list them here in order to give you all reasons to understand why this is more than likely a Final Four team and then, who knows?

  1.  First, we all need to acknowledge that JB won his 700th game as a head coach.  Way to go coach!
  2. We need to recognize that we don’t need to be “scared” Michigan fans anymore.  This team literally plays with a confidence that started back when Novak was still here and that transferred to Burke and now Stauskas wears that confidence like a badge of honor.
  3. Several people I was watching the game with all agreed that “Stauskas is a cocky little SOB.” 
  4. True.....But he’s OUR COCKY LITTLE SOB!!! 
  5. Remember that!
  6. This team is never out of it…Even when they really APPEAR to be out of it…
  7. Repeat that a couple of times….
  8. There are several of you out there (And you KNOW WHO YOU ARE) that seem to forget that….
  9. (I HAVE THE TEXTS!!!!)
  10. Did you repeat it?
  11. Do it again…THIS TEAM IS NEVER OUT OF IT!!!
  12. Please re-watch the Sweet 16 game from last year when Michigan was down 10 with 2 minutes to go in regulation against Kansas...
  13. McGary believed and delivered. 
  14. Trey Burke believed and delivered.
  15. And both those guys are GONE!!!
  16. (Okay – one is still here, but not contributing.)
  17. But this ain’t no SPARTY BLOG.
  19. But could you imagine if McGary were out there right now?
  20. And healthy?
  21. Which kind of goes without saying I guess…
  22. But the Winning continues without MM!!! 
  23. That should really help you understand the JB philosophy and coaching style.
  24. Don’t panic, let them play.
  25. Zone defense?  No problem.  Death From Above will handle that.
  26. Man to Man??  Bring it.  The dribble drive will manage that…
  27. 1-3-1?  Sure, love it.  Lookeee what J-Mo can do!
  28. In other words:  Offense wins. 
  29. This is not your father’s basketball game anymore.
  30. Forget the 80’s.
  31. The twin towers are over….
  32. So is the Big East
  33. And 90’s…
  34. Yeah, the Fab Five was awesome…But did they accomplish more?
  35. I DON’T THINK SO!!!
  36. Yeah, Two Championship games…With No Championship.
  37. And no outright B1G Title!!!
  38. That’s still worth something!  Ask Sparty….
  39. Basketball Defense is over-rated.  It’s all about Offense….
  40. And I LIKE IT!
  41. Everyone just needs to accept the fact that Michigan can score.  Period.
  42. Once you have accepted that fact in your life, THINK with an offense oriented bias and everything becomes readily clear.
  43. That nagging feeling that the shooters will go cold? 
  44. Fuhgeddaboutit!
  45. Water in the NCAA tourney seeks its own level.  But I believe this team is pumped up and ready to prove that last year wasn’t a “fluke”.
  46. Has anyone else noticed in the last 5 games that Stauskas has taken the first shot?
  47. And he’s made it?
  49. OSU – 3 Pointer
  50. Illinois – 3 Pointer
  51. Sparty – 3 Pointer
  52. Wofford –3 Pointer
  53. Texas- 3 Pointer…
  54. That’s a three from the top of the key, folks….
  55. Every Time….
  56. That’s a statement.
  57. What’s he saying?
  58. What DO YOU THINK he’s saying?
  59. Only Stauskas knows…
  60. Me?  I think it’s something like this:
  61. “I’ve got this.  You can’t stop it.  I CAN do this all night.”
  62. …Bitches….
  63. (At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what Stauskas is thinking!)
  64. Am I scared of Tennessee?
  65. Doesn’t matter what I think…Or what YOU think.
  66. If this team admits fear…They’ve already lost.
  67. And They Are NOT The Type of Players Who Fear ANYONE….
  68. Remember that.
Hey!  Look at that….68 reasons to believe. 
I think NOT!!!  So, while you and I might sweat the fact that the Volunteers have beaten some really good teams, Michigan is a 1 point dog and Kenpom has the Volunteers ranked higher than Michigan….
Fear not. 
These are not the Wolverine Basketball Players you used to know…These are the guys that are usually on the other side of the bench and has Michigan fans scratching their heads…
Instead, these are scoring demons that will make THE OTHER teams sit back and say,

Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot….How do you STOP THIS???”

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Msuperfan said...

Well that is an incedibly optimistic outlook and, as always, I hope that you are correct....but I fear that you are not. While it is true that we have to be down a lot of points with little time left in order to be truely OUT that doesn't mean we can't lose and it doesn't mean that those of us who get disgusted watching the M boys stand around and jog slowly around the court are off base.I will say this now, if we don't show-up with far more energy and physical effort than we have shown in the last 6 games we're done. We need to play HARD and SMART. We must deny the three and rebound but if T gets the ball down low we need to relax enough that we do not get into foul trouble. Give up the twos and we score the threes and we can win it. If we fight like hell on the interior we will get into foul trouble and expend critical energy that we will need on offense and to deny the three ball. GO BLUE!!!!!!!