Thursday, August 22, 2013

Answers I REALLY Wanna Know......

Sitting here thinking about the 10 days to kick-off  (less if you are considering we have a Thursday night game in a week!) and some questions just keep popping in the crowded keppe….
Is there life on Defense after Kovacs?  Leadership?

Can Jake Ryan be back sooner than anyone expects?

What is the Vegas over/under on Michigan wins?  Usually it’s around 9 or 10.
Is ohio really that good?  Was the rest of the B1G simply awful?

And how will we know as those clowns don’t even play a real game until October…
And the MMQ is harboring a nasty little secret:   I can’t wait for Urban Legend to lose his first game in the Scarlet and Grey…Hee-hee….The boards for the suckeyes will probably go nuts....As they all think they should never lose another game.

IS Michigan that good?  Is Devin G capable of filling the laceless one’s shoes????
Will he take his first snap with his dogs untied to honor 16?

I know….that’s just silly…
OR is it?

Does the SEC dominate all comers again this year?  I’m getting a little tired of that tune….
Can any of the other Big 6 conference Elites knock the SEC down a peg?  Oklahoma?  Stanford?  MICHIGAN???

Who will be the surprise Heismann leader in September now that De-Rob is gone?
Will the Domers revert back to the mean (8 wins) or are they back?

Their schedule ain’t no cake walk this year….Michigan and Stanford on the road..Pitt away too…
Plus, Oklahoma is a revenge game….

Which up-start will surprise in the B1G?  Northwestern immediately comes to mind….and….believe it or not…PSU?
Why?   Because those kids are playing with heart….That doesn’t always win games, but they never give up.

Which is why I love walk-ons…Like Kovacs…Always something to prove.
Are there a lot of REALLY GOOD QB’s in college this year?  Could we get a repeat of the 1983 NFL draft?

Or will it be more like 2000 when several QB’s were taken that everyone thought could play but only one was the real deal?  Touchdown Tommy…..

Yep....Those are the questions I want answers to.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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