Friday, April 20, 2012

Ufer Applied to Play Varsity Ball!

Leave it to Greg over at M-Victors (God bless this guy - I really mean that) to come up with something that got the MMQ's ole arm hairs to raise up on a Friday morning.  Seriously, when I visited M-Victors and saw the Ufer entry where he stumbled on Ufer's application to play Varsity Football, well, it was kind of cool.

Don't ask me why...It's just the way the MMQ rolls....And Ufer in my mind is and will remain the greatest ever!  Note:  Ufer was 23 when he applied to the Football Squad and interestingly, was born on April 1!  Some would say that's incredibly appropriate...But not the MMQ!

If you can't link or don't feel like it, here's the picture of the application.  For the entire story, go to MVictors.

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