Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bobby Petrino and the "Jessica" Effect

I haven't blogged in awhile for the simple fact that there hasn't been much to blog about recently.  The Hockey Team's quick exit from the Frozen 4, Trey Burke declaring for the NBA draft and then finding out what everyone else knew  - And I'm sure he knew in the back of his mind, also (YOU'RE NOT READY) and the spring game are kind of par for the course this time of year.

Bobby Petrino getting canned from Arkansas, on the other hand, is compelling.  And it's worth an entry, if for no other reason than to state that Bobby must have been reading the MMQ's blogs and decided to have his own Hot Seat Mascot just in case the time came when the ax fell!  And good or bad, you can bet that Jessica has now made the list for 2012's Hot Seat Mascots...No surprise, right?

The "Jessica" effect will be felt by programs all over the NCAA.  You can bet that every AD is now bringing every female on the athletic staff into his or her office to have a "little chat" about things, and especially those associated with the shcool's respective Football program.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist (THAT much) but I will bet you a dollar that more than a few women find themselves answering rather embarrassing questions and they might also be holding a different title based on the answers they do give to those questions.  Are the AD's justified to be asking those questions?  I don't know...Is it even legal?  Probably not.  But there are fraternizing rules in every workplace and if there's a rule, then management can certainly ask what you're doing without it being an invasion of your privacy.  Or they can easily check your e-mail or phone records.  It doesn't take much, really, to figure out what's going on.

Small update:  I had penned this before Arkansas had taken any official action on Jessica and she has now "resigned" her position with $14K in cash and a "no comment" clause about her involvement with Petrino while at Arkansas.  My guess:  She puts women even further behind with an appearance in Playboy or somewhere else and eventually does a tell all interview once she realizes how much of the victim she was in this whole thing...Even though it takes two to tango!

Jessica Dorrel's name will forevery be associated with women that have brought men down.  Delilah, Lewinsky, Hahn, to name just a few ....And while Petrino's record wasn't that great to begin with, she more than likely will never be able to work in athletics again.  And she should suffer that penalty because what she did was wrong.  But the fault was not entirely hers, that's true...But you can't be a "little" involved.

However, that doesn't mean that every other woman in college athletics, and especially collegiate football, should have to suffer the same fate.  There are plenty of hard working girls and women out there that now have to live with the, "Yeah, she can do the job, but she's a girl.  Do we want the hassle?"

Yep...Jessica has gone and screwed not only herself, but every legitimate woman out there busting her ass trying to make a living in collegiate athletics.  The "Jessica Effect" will be felt for quite some time and may never go away...It's unfortunate, but true.

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