Friday, June 17, 2011

MGoBlog Looks At The Tressel Situation

MGBlog challenged the OSU blog community to come up with an argument as to why tOSU's punishment would be less than USC's....and Eleven Warriors came forward with what can only be described as a "sad" table of arguments that are truly scarlet and grey colored....

Unfortunately, as I have said, this seems to the be the collective thought process of Buck-Idiots everywhere...

They make it so easy to call them stupid at this point. It's like a collection of Forest Gumps all saying and playing the same tune.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Floydd Likely to Play Entire Season

Well, Brian Kelly has OFFICIALLY gone to the level of MSU and the SEC:

Michael Floydd will have to earn his way back onto the field. Meaning he's still suspended and if he doesn't screw up between now and the Michigan game, chances are he's playing.

I'm not entirely sure what exactly burns my ass more in this deal.

1. The Domer's (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) gutless action to let him stay in school vs. kicking him out.
2. Kelly's only move to let him stay on the team until he screws up "again".

I mean, I get Kelly. He saw what happened to the likes of The Rod, Weis, and others that can't win in their first 3-5 years. College football fans and boosters at the big instutions demand excellence. And why can't we get kids and win like the SEC, USC and tOSU? I would hope that the casual collegiate football fan is starting to see that of all the schools mentioned above, their is a price that they need to pay for winning. USC is feeling it now. The OSU will feel it on August 12th. The SEC will eventually feel it once they collectively decide to stop cheating and start following the NCAA rules or they will need to pay a price.

But, Kelly could have and should have sent a message to every Domer wannabe that now sees he can screw up a couple of times and still be on the team. Of course, it will help tremendously if you're a Heismann hopeful and All American. If this had been some 3rd string lineman, chances are he'd be playing down the road or for Houston Nutt, who seems to have a thing for giving guys second chances.

The Domers (JEEZ I "REALLY" HATE THESE GUYS!) are now all about one thing. Winning. Don't hand me the higher moral ground bullshit any longer. Don't hand me the fact that it's harder to get into the school and that the standards are impossible for any SEC player to match. You're all the same at this point.

And you know what's really funny? You can't win, even though you've stooped down to that level.

I like to think of that as "God's Punishment." Maybe, just maybe, hiding behind the veil of catholic religion is somehow vexing you. Maybe their is a higher power and he's pissed off at you for not doing the right thing. Maybe....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buckeye Dumb vs. Buckeye-Dumber

The title refers to the fact that all Buckeyes are to a certain extent, dummies. Think Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels. I can’t help but think at this point that tOSU is merely an SEC school that happened to get lucky and land in the Big 10 conference.

And you can sort of see the resemblance. This whole Buck-nut mess is the result of an egomaniac coach too blind to see the error of his ways and a bigger ego – maniacal player too dumb to even suspect that he might – MIGHT get outed and caught for selling memorabilia and now, somewhere between $20K- $40K worth of autographs.

The more you hear about Pryor, the more you have to keep asking yourself: Is he REALLY that dumb? And if he is, how can he possibly be passing a collegiate level course? Even if it is at OSU….

So, we can all safely assume that Tressel is a smart individual, he was just really dumb with respect to several decisions and over-sights when it came to the team and what they did off the field. Pryor is just Dumber and I don’t think we can give him any credit for more than that….

Unfortunately, there are so many “true Buckeyes” that I have an unusual amount of respect for that I can’t even begin to fathom what they are feeling right now with respect to their alma mater. A short list:

Herbstreit – Moved away from Columbus to Tennessee. Probably hates the fact that he attended OSU and more or less called out fans for blindly following Tressel…
Speilman – Can’t believe Pryor was able to pull the shenanigans he pulled and got away with it. Can’t believe team leaders didn’t confront this clown and set him straight.…

Griffin (Archie) – Steps up and toes the OSU line being more than individuals that F’d up…

All the rest are Buckeye – Idiots that are defending the coach, encouraging him to run for public office in Ohio (where he would win in a landslide) due to the fact that the state is full of Buck-I-diots that figure Tressel is a good guy and was just pushing the envelope.

I just can’t help but wonder who else will quit – resign – get fired before August 11th before the NCAA hearing. Now, as he is no longer part of the team or enrolled at OSU, Pryor is absolved from having to participate in the hearing. Although there is more than enough evidence already there that can be used against him and the University. I think, when you start adding it all up, there is more dirt on Pryor than there was on Reggie Bush. And you have the Tressel Tribble compounding effect in that he knew it was going on and “Tresseled” about it.

I don’t know how Buck-I-diot Nation seems to think that there is no way the NCAA will come down on them less severely than USC. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that as more and more evidence comes to light that tOSU may be facing something much similar to what SMU suffered through in the 1980’s. I’m not saying here for the record that OSU’s football program will be dissolved for a year, but I would be willing to bet that the number of scholarships that will be lost and bowls that tOSU will not get to attend may be greater than that of USC. And that will come as a huge shock to a lot of Buck-I-diots that will somehow think they weren’t cheating as bad as USC or the SEC.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thoughts on Lucas Oil Permanent Big 10 Championship Home….

I heard yesterday about the permanent home of the Big 10 Championship being at Lucas Oil Stadium and I immediately felt a bit of bile rise in my throat. While it wasn’t anger, it was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I mean, I was happy that the location was relatively close to home (Indy is about a 5-6 hour drive for this fan) and it’s similar for 6 or 8 of the Big 10 school’s involved. Obviously, PSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin may have complaints, but everyone else can either fly or drive.

Nor was my concern with the fact that it was in what many people consider a “destination” city in the mid-west with all the infrastucture, cultural, hotel and bar facilities that fans need. Indy is also the home of one of the greatest races in all auto racing, even thought the two groups that used to represent open wheel racing still can’t seem to make an agreement work.

No, my concern was two-fold: 1. It’s an indoor stadium. Now, I get that it will be cold in December when they play this game and that it will be in prime time at night. But this fan would have welcomed that extra energy associated with a collegiate night game in the brutal cold. It’s what defines us as Midwesterners. And it would have also kept ticket prices in line for the average fan that would like to go see his alma mater play in this game. Which brings me to point number 2. Lucas Oil only seats 63,000 fans. That’s a big problem. I know they play the SEC in Atlanta in the Georgia Dome and the Big 12 Championship was played all over the place (which didn’t help attendance) but were hosted at neutral site pro-stadiums. And the ACC has finally adopted a permanent home in North Carolina after they were only able to sell 30,000 tickets to the two games in Tampa. I mean, did that even make sense? The ACC championship in Tampa??? The northern teams wouldn’t even have the option of road tripping there if they wanted to without missing work time…It was simply a bad idea.

My biggest problem is that the Big 10 traditionally has stadiums that approach or exceed 100,000 fans. And if you get the perennial powers back in place (which seems highly unlikely this year) but if you do get two big teams in the Championship, you’re going to be denying a lot of fans the opportunity to experience the game live and in person. Even a PSU-Wisconsin match-up will more than likely have tickets in demand. And that doesn’t sit right with this fan…

So, is this permanent location a good idea? Well, it’s great for Indianapolis. But I hate the thought that the only reason they selected the site was because of geography. I mean, what Big 10 fan wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to see their team play for all the marbles in the Big House? Or the Shoe? Yes, those are home fields for Michigan and OSU, but still, assuming parody is here, the actual odds of one or both those teams showing up in those stadiums seems to be less all the time. And who wouldn’t relish the chance to do a little dance on a rivals field when they weren’t even there? And wouldn’t that be better for the Big 10 overall? Yeah, I know…Northwestern will never host and neither will Purdue or Indiana or Iowa, for that matter. But were they in the running to ever host the thing anyway, based on their geography and infrastructure?

I know that Lucas Oil will be making money as will Indianapolis. I would just like to see some of that wealth get spread around to other communities in the Big 10 that have the facilities, infrastructure and fan base that can support a game. Yes, the ACC and Big 12 proved that moving the game around does not in fact help attendance, but that wasn’t the Big 10 in Big 10 country.

]One humble fan’s opinion….

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Trouble With Tressels

Looks like I picked a hell of a month to take off from Blogging….Yes, I wanted to take a month off. I forced myself a couple of times to not log on and produce something that, while it would have been a worthwhile read, it would more than likely be a big waste of time for both you and me. I mean, a bigger waste of time than usual….

What haven’t I commented on and what you may have missed in the last month:
-Michigan Women’s Softball winning Big 10 for the 4th consecutive year
-Michigan Women getting knocked out of Super Regional CSWS (College Softball World Series) which is like being eliminated in the 1st round of the NCAA after getting a 10 seed…Major upset by Kentucky.
-Brandon Announcing Stadium expansion (far off future) to something like 119,000
-Michigan Ice Hockey reaching the Final “Frozen” 4

And it seems like there was something else that I might have missed…..


I was saving the title of this entry, The Trouble With Tressels, for the day when the Evil Empire to our south officially crumbled, withered away and eventually succumbed to the blowing NCAA winds that know no mercy when it comes to rule violators and more importantly, violators that lie about what they knew and when they knew it.

The Trouble With Tribbles – for anyone old enough to remember the old Star Trek Series – is an all time classic. Tribbles are these wonderful, little furry creatures that are like little balls that are fun to hold, love everyone (except Klingons) and eat and multiply at an alarming rate. One creature is brought on board the enterprise by Uhura and the next thing you know, Kirk and crew are up to their collective asses in the damn things. Bones explains to Kirk that the things are more or less born pregnant. Then, Spock gets the bright idea to transfer all the Tribbles to a Klingon ship….This is not unlike the situation that was predicted by your MMQ with respect to this mess avalanching on the Vest and the OSU in general and it has now unfolded gloriously before our eyes.

Only with Tressel, it wasn’t a warm furry little creature that was the demise of the OSU. It was one silly, little avoidable lie. One error in judgment. One walk to the Compliance office that said, “Hey, we’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed.” At least then, poor Tressel would have been covered, a little. (Actually, probably not) But now that he tried to keep a lid on it, the Tressel Tribble Lie “Zero”, (Think Patient “zero” when they analyze a virus) has led to more lies, cover-ups, cars sold for $0.00, cars being test driven for months at a time, pay-offs to certain athletes, NCAA DEEP investigations into one said athlete (Pryor, in case you DIDN'T know), and conspiracy references that go all the way up to the AD and maybe even the President of the University. The tinfoil hat crowd is starting to become a lot more believable and some of the blogs out there make a lot more sense when the realities of what has transpired in Columbus come to light. Which makes conspiracy theories read like factual documents, when well written.

Yes, I’m sure Smith and G. Gee are crapping in their collective pants right now with respect to what has no doubt leaked from the NCAA with regards to what they have been asking for evidence wise. And according to the Columbus Dispatch, the OSU is fighting the NCAA every bloody step of the way with regards to what information they are turning over. It seems that Tressel was such a great front man and appeared so squeaky clean and was so adept and keeping a lid on all the shenanigans that were going on in the football program that the NCAA simply can’t believe there weren’t a LOT more people aware of what the hell was going on. And the questions the NCAA has been asking are akin to, “So, Mr. Smith and G. Gee: When exactly did you stop beating your wife?”

So, those two models of leadership, men among men, idols of children everywhere (NOT!) do the noble thing and tell Tressel to quit or he’s fired. And Tressel falls on the ole’ Scarlet and Grey Sword of justice that the rest of the OSU is just hoping is enough to keep the stink off them. (Read the Link: Because Tressel is not "officially" employed by the OSU any longer, he has no obligation to testify before the NCAA...and therefore doesn't have to answer questions about who knew what and when...The perfect FALL GUY!)

But I’m afraid there’s simply too much out there at this point, and the Tressel Tribbles keep multiplying like the Tribbles on the Enterprise…. Unfortunately, the OSU doesn’t have a Klingon Ship nearby in order to transport all the Tressels off the ship.

I frankly don’t know how Smith can keep his job at this point. If he claims he knew nothing, which is the classic criminal defense, than he’s a boob and an imbecile that can’t manage and athletic department and he needs to be canned immediately. As soon as they find something or more than likely, someone, that says he knew and can offer proof, well, he’s gone anyway. G. Gee, on the other hand, might just be dumb enough and he made the goofball statement that might be just enough to save him when he proclaimed at the initial news conference, “I just hope he doesn’t fire me!” That statement alone might be what saves his dumb ass. But then again, maybe not.

There will be plenty of time to talk about the new coach as the dirt rolls out on him, but I also believe that the OSU will have to figure, “Wait a minute. If we want to completely kill this virus, don’t we have to scrub the program clean from top to bottom? I mean, if you leave only one Tressel Tribble in place, wouldn’t that mean that the Trouble with Tressels could start popping up somewhere else? It’s kind of like killing mold…One little spore and it can start all over again…

I guess what’s unfortunate in all of this is that no one from the collective Michigan Blog network (Or Mainstream Media - The SI Article would have been a great place to put it) has put the logical conclusion together that Rich Rod, despite his performance on the field, recruited Pryor the Right Way. The Michigan Way, if you will. And while you might have hated what you saw on the field (defensively at least) during the Rod’s tenure, you have to admit that he did the right thing by not succumbing to whatever demands Pryor was no doubt making and what I’m sure was inferred by his handler or whoever was talking for Pryor about what the OSU was offering should he attend there. So, I would like to take this opportunity and give a hat tip to The Rod for that. I might be the only one out there, but I think he deserves it.

Back to the Tressel Tribbles. I have heard, from un-confirmed sources inside of the NCAA of course, that future violations that involve lying will be from this point forward known as “Tressels” or “Tresseling”. The NCAA has decided that this will clear up any confusion about what really transpired if the word “lying” doesn’t sum it up for you. So, when used in context, it would go something like this:

“I Tresseled to my wife when I told her I wasn’t meeting the guys after work for a beer…”

“She was Tresseling to her friend about never sleeping with her best friend’s ex…”

“I had to tell a little white Tressel to my kids and keep the Santa thing going the other day...”

With a little more practical use, this should catch on pretty quickly. In fact, I’m sure you’re all going to be able to come up with a bunch of them on your own.

What is the most unbelievable thing is that Tressel Vest somehow viewed what he was doing with all his Bible thumping Christian beliefs as being "OK". For example (from SI),

Most of the young players who attended it would never play college football, but a few were top prospects whom Ohio State was recruiting. At the end of camp, attendees bought tickets to a raffle with prizes such as cleats and a jersey. According to his fellow assistant, Tressel rigged the raffle so that the elite prospects won -- a potential violation of NCAA rules. Says the former colleague, who asked not to be identified because he still has ties to the Ohio State community, "In the morning he would read the Bible with another coach. Then, in the afternoon, he would go out and cheat kids who had probably saved up money from mowing lawns to buy those raffle tickets. That's Jim Tressel."

And that's why Jim Tressel is going down and why he most likely will drag the OSU with him...Believing he is above the law and the rules.