Thursday, June 16, 2011

Floydd Likely to Play Entire Season

Well, Brian Kelly has OFFICIALLY gone to the level of MSU and the SEC:

Michael Floydd will have to earn his way back onto the field. Meaning he's still suspended and if he doesn't screw up between now and the Michigan game, chances are he's playing.

I'm not entirely sure what exactly burns my ass more in this deal.

1. The Domer's (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) gutless action to let him stay in school vs. kicking him out.
2. Kelly's only move to let him stay on the team until he screws up "again".

I mean, I get Kelly. He saw what happened to the likes of The Rod, Weis, and others that can't win in their first 3-5 years. College football fans and boosters at the big instutions demand excellence. And why can't we get kids and win like the SEC, USC and tOSU? I would hope that the casual collegiate football fan is starting to see that of all the schools mentioned above, their is a price that they need to pay for winning. USC is feeling it now. The OSU will feel it on August 12th. The SEC will eventually feel it once they collectively decide to stop cheating and start following the NCAA rules or they will need to pay a price.

But, Kelly could have and should have sent a message to every Domer wannabe that now sees he can screw up a couple of times and still be on the team. Of course, it will help tremendously if you're a Heismann hopeful and All American. If this had been some 3rd string lineman, chances are he'd be playing down the road or for Houston Nutt, who seems to have a thing for giving guys second chances.

The Domers (JEEZ I "REALLY" HATE THESE GUYS!) are now all about one thing. Winning. Don't hand me the higher moral ground bullshit any longer. Don't hand me the fact that it's harder to get into the school and that the standards are impossible for any SEC player to match. You're all the same at this point.

And you know what's really funny? You can't win, even though you've stooped down to that level.

I like to think of that as "God's Punishment." Maybe, just maybe, hiding behind the veil of catholic religion is somehow vexing you. Maybe their is a higher power and he's pissed off at you for not doing the right thing. Maybe....

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