Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's All Go Crap On The Golden Dome

I'm so Mad I'm ready to drive down to South Bend and Spit, no, make that sh#$%t on the Golden Dome and everything we're made to believe it stands for:

In case you haven't heard, Michael Floyd did NOT get booted out of school for his third alcohol offense in less than two years while at Notre Dame.

Why does this make me so mad?

1. I HATE THE DOMERS! Ever since I was a kid and they somehow managed to beat my Michigan team and Anthony Carter under the lights in South Bend I've hated the Domers. I've hated the fact that their fans are blind to what they claim to represent. "We're different." "We're a small school against the world." "We're better than everyone else because we do it right." Well, Domer fans, this one should have you hanging your head in shame. Don't hand me the load of crap that Res Life understands that they could have potentiall ruined a life if they kicked him out...Come on, who are we kidding?

2. The Domers have more or less gone straight to the SEC level of "Win at any cost." Michael Floyd's presence on this year's team does multiple things for the Domers, and they ALL have to do with the bottom line: They'll win more games with him than without him. They'll undoubtedly sell more merchandise. And if this kid does somehow manage to turn it around and he has even a better than average season, he will be THE turn around story and "Heismann" talk about guy, even though he won't be the best college football player.

3. Once again, Notre Dame gets what Notre Dame wants.

I can proudly hold my head high as a Michigan fan and know that Rich Rodriguez and other Michigan coaches that proceeded Rich did the right thing when it came to the character building of young men and that school and football were secondary. Rich let Boubacar Cissoko go from the program and the University was close to being right behind him before he quit school. Unfortunately, the situation hasn't improved for Cissoko, but the University never the less did the right thing.

Domers, you definitely cannot say that.

Don't ever tell me you're better than the rest while this and countless other hypocritical acts, decisions, and continuing policies go unchallenged. In fact, not only are they unchallenged, they are supported throughout the University top to bottom.

That's sickening. If I were a Domer fan today, I would have to hang my head in shame. But Domers across the country won't do that. They'll be rejoicing that Kelly will have no choice but to re-instate Floyd on the team when the time comes.

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