Monday, December 6, 2010

Championship Wrap

“Those Who Cannot” makes the Gator.


I’ll be in Florida (The South End). When I was a fan (a mere 5 days ago), I was going to this game if Those Who Cannot made it to Florida – I was waking up and making the 3+ hour trip. With Dick Rod still in charge, my mind is changing…But I’m a Michigan fan…I have to keep telling myself that.

Yes, I’ve been ranting lately. For those of you that only read me on Monday (I don’t send out weekly notices as it would become overload for some of you) I have a tendency to log on during the week to just let it out. And there’s been a lot of venting.

The whole Josh Brogan thing has left me spent. I’ve never, ever felt about Michigan the way I’m feeling right now. In the past, as I wrote last Friday, We Were Champions! Yes, we may have had a down season or a bad game, but we were still champions…

Now I feel like were just part of the Rest of the Mess…It’s not even a hate thing. It’s an embarrassment to be associated with anything having to do with Dick Rod. It’s all about Dick Rod. It’s not about Michigan anymore. And therein lies the problem.

David Brandon could fix this thing. I learned over the weekend that the Dick Rod contract requires a 30 day notice prior to firing in order for the University to not be sued by Dick Rod over the amount that we technically owe him. So, “technically”, the notice would (should) have to be issued on December 2nd to fire him January 2nd. And I don’t think that’s happened.

I know David is a smart guy that inherited a HUGE mess from Big Boob Martin. Would this have been any different if Les were here pulling the same stunts? I dunno…Would I want DeBored or English’s heads right now if they had the same results as the Rod? Probably. And would it make a difference next year? Unlikely.

That, unfortunately, is the conundrum I keep coming back to. What makes us better next year? And that answer is unfortunately Dick Rod. They are his guys now and they will leave everything on the field for him. However, I’m not 100% convinced it’s the answer that is the best answer long term for Michigan. And that’s where I’m hung up right now. Do I want to have a shot at being successful next year or give all that up (along with the players that are currently here) and build towards whatever the “next” future is? Michigan still has to pay this clown regardless. 2008 was truly a throw away year, in every sense of the matter. If this were Dick Rod’s 2nd year, I might not be inclined to dump him right now, but the Josh Brogan thing is now out there. What’s the problem with Josh Brogan, you ask?
What kid in his right mind want’s to play for a guy that’s the laughingstock on the internet? If I had been committed and people were sending me half the stuff that’s out there on Dick Rod right now, that would probably be enough to say, “Adios…” So, the recruits aren’t coming anyway…Why wait?

See the dilemma? What would you do? I’m strongly leaning in one direction that starts with, “Hello, Jim? Its David.”

The Rest of the Mess

Anyone who read last Wednesday’s Cam Newton rant knows how I feel about this issue. It truly burns my ass that the NCAA comes out, declares that Cam was shopped around for 6 figures, and then states that Cam is briefly ineligible, but then still eligible. I tried protesting in my own little way and I tried to watch the Oregon – Beavers game instead of watching the Auburn – USC game. However, my lust for competition finally got the best of me and I turned the channel. Just in time to hear the traitor Danielson talk about how well Cam has done this year with everything swirling around him. If I had a Heisman vote, Cam simply wouldn’t get it.

Sorry. Yes, he’s the best player. Without question. But the issues surrounding him make me question his character, which I’m allowed to do. It states it right in the Heisman voting rules.

BCS Standings:
Who cares…

This week’s biggest GAINER: Stanford. Oregon’s victory forced the flip flop between them and Wisconsin. And it made sense. I would really like to see that game played again. When the Pac 10 goes to a championship, it will be a good thing.

The Wrap:
Auburn vs. USC:
The ole Ball Coach really let me down. I figure Spurrier to run the ball and keep it close, but Auburn simply proved to be too much and demonstrated which team has improved the most over this season. I think I like Auburn over Oregon…but more on that in a minute.
Nebraska vs. Laters: This one killed me – it really did. I was actually pulling for Pelini and the Cornhuskers and I was hoping they would have the last laugh. But Stupor managed to pull it off and after the country wrote off Oklahoma, they’re BCSing..(is that a word?)
Oregon vs OSU: I’m really starting to think that Oregon might have its hands full with Auburn. Auburn might go up early and we’ll see exactly who the 2nd half team is.
Va Tech vs. FSU: Yep. I was right on one thing this season: Va Tech wouldn’t lose another game. But do I stick with that prediction in the Orange against Standford?

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-If one more sports mouth mentions Josh Brogan one more time…
-I wonder if homeowner’s covers bricks launched through big screens?
-It would be a handy rider to have during football season…
-I have tried to dismiss the whole thing from my mind, but someone seems to send me something on it everyday.
-In other words, this story has legs.
-I hope they’re copying Brandon on all those nice e-mails.
-Maybe I should be forwarding to him….
-Auburn is a good team, but the most improved aspect is the defense.
-Oregon, not so much
-NEBRASKA! Hang on to the GD Ball!
-You guys are gonna mess up and lose this thing…
-No need for conspiracy theories when you beat yourself..
-Hee-hee…Heard a true story about a grandmother trying to console her 13 year old granddaughter who had just been dumped by her first puppy love. The boyfriend said she wasn’t as pretty as another girl he was interested in. Grandma’s consoling words?
-“Don’t worry honey, in three years you’ll be beating them off with both hands!”
-Grandmother’s try to help, I know…but you gotta keep your eye on them all the time.
-Bowl Matchups?

The Bowls
I gave up on the names of the Flea bag bowls, remember? So I’m not even going to try with some of these…But here’s some interesting and not so interesting match-ups:

National Title: I like Auburn over Oregon. Haven’t see a spread yet. Let’s look: Auburn (+3) over Oregon. Auburn getting points? Really…
Rose: Wiscy (+3) vs. TCU: Wisky is getting 3 from TCU. I like Brett WITH points for sure….
Sugar: OSU (-3) vs Arkansas: Is Arkansas really that good? OR is that simply the Vest point spread in a Bowl Game?
Orange: Stanford (-3) vs. Va Tech: Hmmm…this one is a tuffy. I mean, it’s really hard. I am going to wait before I make a call. I do think Stanford is the best team and the ACC is one notch about the Big East. But when it comes to Va Tech, the story is a little different.
Fiesta: Oklahoma (-17.5) vs. UConn: Yawn….I’ll be in bed before they kick this one off….
Citrus: MSU vs. Alabama: No line. I like Satan to beat his old team. Dantonio has not impressed in the bowls.
Gator: Those Who Cannot vs. MSU: Not another MSU…and with a hot new offensive minded coach against a defense that can’t tackle me. I know why there isn’t a line…
Outback: PSU vs. Gatorland: Hmm…This one is semi interesting. But I think JoePa might come out on top in this one.
Domers vs. Gangstas: Shannon canned, one program heading in the right direction, the other looking for a coach…
FSU vs. South Carolina: I like FSU. Spurrier can’t seem to get it right at USC.
Nebraska vs. Washington: Really? You’re going to make Washington and Nebraska do this again? Didn’t Nebraska already DESTROY Washington this year? Oh yeah…56-21. Washington coach Sarkisian to do list: Get AD a REALLY NICE Christmas present. Maybe a piece of bronzed dog doo-doo…

I might comment on the bowls some more next Monday…We do have a game this week and if you’ve never taken the time:

Watch ARMY – NAVY! The opening ceremonies are worth it!

The Hot Seat
Wow! In a record vote, Kate Hudson makes Championship Week! All right sports fans! This is the week you’ve TRULY been waiting for this College Football Season as we crown a Hot Seat Mascot for 2010 and have her take us through the Bowls and the Coaching Carousel that has already begun. Not Only that, but your vote will determine who's photo gets on the side bar until the 2011 season begins! Choose wisely, my friends....

This years top 5 Qualifiers through weekly voting are:

Julie Bowen
Marissa Miller
Veronical Hamel
Katy Perry
Kate Hudson

And because she has demonstrated incredible staying power week over week, I am also adding an MMQ’s choice into the mix:

Sophia Vergara – Next highest cumulative vote receiver.

Here's a "visual reminder" of our Weekly Champions!

My personal biggest disappointment? Jamie Edmundson. I stuck with her for a week or two, but she just didn’t do it for you guys….Here she is as the best also ran for 2010!

Hot Seat Rankings:
1. Dennis Erickson – Maybe he survives? Who else are you gonna’ get?
2. Rich Rod – Hotter again, One last chance to change the Fire Rich Rod Chorus…
3. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
4. Richy Rich – 6 losses in the SEC? And still the coach…
5. Zookie – Heh-heh…Bowling…But could have been so much better
6. Les Miles – only 2 loss coach on the list….
7. Urban Legend - Still waiting to see what Florida paid 1st time around for Cam… then he’ll move up on the list.

1. Brewster – Did you hear they are trying to get Peterson from Boy’s State to interview? Riiiiight…..
2. Dan Hawkins – Colorado’s been winning since he left. Go Figure.
3. Randy Shannon – Miami: Hadn’t even made our hot seat, but I guess if you’re not playing for ACC titles in your 3rd year, you’re gone…
4. Bill Lynch – Indiana: Didn’t see this one coming, either. Figured he had a job till someone saw him and figured he might do better at their school…

Hot Search List
Brady Hoke – actually had TCU sweating a little
Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
Gruden – This guy’s name comes up for every vacancy….
Houston Nutt – See Gruden…
Steve Mariucci – Not doing anything constructive now…



Oregon @ Oregon State (+16): Take the Ducks and lay the 16 for $80
Thank you Ducks! Bank $172

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (-4): I guess I’ll take the Cornhuskers and the 4 for $50.
Thank you Cornhuskers! Bank $95

Auburn vs. South Carolina (-5.5): I’ll take South Carolina and the 5.5 for $50.
Lose…No thanks to Steve…

Virginia Tech vs. Florida State (+3.5): Take the Hokies and lay the 3.5 for $60
Thank you Beamer’s Boys! Bank $124

Best 3: Oregon – Nebraska – Va Tech: $40 pays 6 to 1 or $240.
Finally….Nailed one! Bank $240

Almost back to where we started…Will the Bowls make it a green year?

Bank: $912.50

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