Friday, March 5, 2010

The Links and Ties of the 1973 Football Squad

This is a picture of the University of Michigan Men's Football Team from 1973. Check the muttons on some of these guys...and the hair. I am amazed whenever I see hair from the 70's....

Here's a shot of your New AD in the Team photo (that's him in the back) there's a story behind the guy in front of David Brandon....Little known fact: For all of the Clinton High School Readers (You know who you are!), that's Don Eaton, Football Coach and eventual Principal at Clinton High! Also married to the late Don Canham's daughter.

And here's another little known individual from that team...Yes, that's Les Miles with long hair and attitude. Definitely looks ready to kick OSU's ASS!!!!


Nothing...I'm not saying anything....Just thought you'd all enjoy the photos of your AD, an old high school coach, and maybe the new coach at the University of Michigan if this Rich Rod experiment doesn't work out....


Clare said...

I enjoyed all these nostalgic pictures, especially the one of Don and his 70's hair. The picture you have up is Mike Lantry and Les is #63, probably right behind him. We wish the best to Dave in his new position. GO BLUE!
Clare Canham-Eaton

MMQ said...


I'm amazed that you found this! Thanks for the correction and I will modify. I was using the Bentley Historical Library and it's labeling as I couldn't really tell from the picture if it was Les or not.

Thanks again and tell Mr. Eaton I said "Hello!"