Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 New Bowls? Are you KIDDING ME?

Dr. Saturday has a great post on the 3 new bowls that "they" are trying to pull together....One in Yankee Stadium, another in Houston and one more in Dallas at the new Jerry Jones Center....


Gillette makes some great points, and I wanted to make a few here for myself. It wasn't too long ago, I think in my bowl wrap where I tried to name all 34 bowls from memory and I think I came up 6 or 7 short...I can't remember now....but that's not really even the point. The point is, do we need three more post season games that no one, and I mean NO ONE gives two hoots about? Main point that I thought was worth pointing out: If you add three more games, it will make more than 50% of the NCAA D-I football teams playing post season, if they're eligible, of course.

I would rather see a bigger pre-season spectacle put on with two major names that are highly ranked come out and play an exhibition game that didn't count towards their season record than watch the 7th team in the Big 10 take on someone from Conference USA that is equally bad. College football is starting to miss what made it so special to the fans today that fell in love with it in the 70's and 80's.

NOT EVERYONE WENT TO A BOWL GAME! A bowl game was special...granted, Michigan had been to 33 consecutive bowls until the "collapse", but it really used to be special to go to the Rose or even somewhere else once the Big 10 opened up their criteria. But still, to this fan, less is more. If you saturate the product, people are not going to tune in. I posted earlier that it was hard for me to catch even 10 or 12 of the post season games due to the fact that I have a life...

If anything, I would suggest to someone, ANYONE, listening that you should try to fix New Year's Day so that we can gourge ourselves on the product on that day. Oh, by the way, in case you HAVEN'T heard, another dumb thing they have done is to move the Outback Bowl starting time from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM so it goes up directly against the Citrus and Gator, who all host Big 10 teams, by the way....Thanks guys - I needed that like I needed another losing season at Michigan!

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