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Why didn’t you give a list of potential Suckeye coaching candidates for the hoops job?

Well, frankly, I had written the last post over the period of about a week and I had been meaning to post it and the Thad Motta story broke and I just sort of threw it in there.  However, since you asked, I’ve been listening to and reading quite a bit about who the ideal candidates are.

What I was going to originally post last week: 

Either of the Millers:  Sean has the Number 1 team coming back to Arizona.  Archie literally just started at Indiana.  The odds on either of those guys leaving their current or new position is 500 to 1,000 to 1.  In MMPG’s words:  Not gonna’ happen…

Marshall (Witchy State):  Another extremely long shot that gets the Kansas and K-State dregs which is pretty nice dregs.  He believes with a little luck he can take Witchy State to the promised land.  MMPG odds:  400-1.

Holtmann (Butler HC):   Butler has been a stepping stone for many successful coaches, but Holtmann is another long shot for this position due to his background and the fact that the ole MMPG believes he’s been at Butler TOO Long…Meaning:  why hasn’t anyone else at a large power grabbed him?  MMPG odds:  250-1

McDermott (Creighton):  This is getting a lot of buzz and it sort of makes sense.  McDermott and Gene Smith have a history when they worked together at Iowa State.  Rumors are the offer has been extended and a new coach will be on OSU campus on TODAY.   Something of a MSM favorite, the MMPG will go along with this and give him 1-1 odds…

The Field:  The MMPG will give anyone that’s currently a head coach in a mid-major or major program pretty good odds, figure around 15-1 for the field.  If you pick somebody and want to lay money…let the FMQ know!!!

OBVIOUS CHOICE:  This is why you read the MMPG.  There’s a coach available RIGHTNOW that was once considered a huge up and comer who took a major job at a Blue Blood Basketball school and inherited a mess.  He recruited well enough to get fired (HT: Dan Dakich) and also had some success but bad luck with injury.  Gene Smith will more than likely talk to this guy and like what he hears.  Tom Crean.   Odds:  5-1

What Happened:  Offered McDermott and depending on what you believe, spoke with the Millers. Finally offered and settled on Holtmann, which is kind of surprising to the MMPG, but not that much.  Just had him at longer odds than some of the other guys…


Michigan Baseball really tanked at the end of the season, losing 4 straight.
Yep. Not to mention the Women’s Softball team also lost in ugly fashion… College Baseball and Softball are screwy.  Usually the best teams throughout the season have a hard time surviving the College World Series.  Bracket play in these sports is difficult because no one knows when other teams (or your team for that matter) bats are going to heat up.  Michigan went into a hitting slump at the wrong time and paid the price.  Softball was a little different as RHP Betsa simply tanked at the end of the season.  I blame Hutch for that as she rode Betsa HARD all season thinking she was a work horse and it turns out she was throwing her best stuff mid-season.  Hutch needs to think about her pitchers and not assume every kid is the same…

Bob Stoops OUT!  Is the MMQ going to comment?

Well, yeah.  Of Course…It’s a legend who everyone thought was probably going to coach for another 10-15 years it comes as a bit of a surprise.  But once you learned that the 56 year old HC’s Dad died on the Football field from a Heart Attack at 54, well, its that kind of shit that puts things into perspective.  I’ve always felt that Stoops would be great as a color guy in the booth or even in the home studio doing analysis.  What I’d really like to see?  Something with College Football Final that gets us back to the Mark May and Lou Holtz days….Never thought I’d ever type that.  But ESPN lost a lot of audience with the 3 boobs they have doing it now, even though two of them have been fired in the last round of ESPN lay-offs.  Bob should be scooped up by ESPN and do something just like Gruden is doing now, but have it focus on all players and teams at the collegiate level.  Give him freedom to explore college football and all its quirks and idiosyncrasies and you’ll have something people will watch.  Maybe something like the BTN’s “The Journey”.
Anyway, Seems like the Laters have their guy in Lincoln Riley and the MMQ loves the alliteration…

Lincoln’s Laters - Expect to see it often.
Twitter:  Spartan Spiral Continues…..
(HT: www.mgoblog.com)
What is even going on in East Lansing. Another gent who won't be playing for MSU this year:
Former Michigan State lineman Cassius Peat says he felt "blindsided" earlier this week when coaches told him he didn't have a spot on the team less than a week from when he was supposed to report to East Lansing.
Peat told the Detroit Free Press that Michigan State coaches informed him Wednesday that he shouldn't return to campus for summer workouts.
"I have respect for them, and I understand it's a business," Peat told the Free Press. "But morally, man, as a 20-year-old kid with a family, for them to do that is -- I can't even put it into words, to be honest."
Peat was the ultra-rare JUCO guy who was set to return to his original school. Since he is an ambulatory person large enough to play DL and Michigan State looks set to have two walk-ons on their DE depth chart, this could not have been voluntary on MSU's part. Peat must have failed to get by the Clearinghouse.
The number of players MSU has lost to offseason attrition is truly prodigious:
·         OL Thiyo Lukusa: quits team, says he's giving up football, ends up at JUCO.
·         S Drake Martinez: probably a playing time transfer
·         DE Donovan Winter: dropped after armed burglary charge
·         LB Jon Reshcke: dropped N-bomb on teammate
·         WR Donnie Corley: charged with criminal sexual conduct
·         DE Josh King: charged with criminal sexual conduct
·         S Demetric Vance: charged with criminal sexual conduct
·         DE Auston Robertson, charged with criminal sexual conduct
·         DT Cassius Peat: probably not qualified?
·         CB Kaleel Gaines: JUCO transfer, academics related?
·         S Kenney Lyke: another JUCO transfer, academics related?
That might not be it, either. MSU's Scout site reported that CB Vayante Copeland and DE Robert Bowers were gone as well; Dantonio directly refuted that report but when insider sites report negative news there's almost always something to it. If those guys do end up gone MSU will be down almost an entire recruiting class of guys they expected to be on the team this fall. Add in the dismal finish to MSU's 2017 class and they're going to go into this season with a roster as depleted as a sanctioned PSU program was a few years back.
So, MGoBlog.com has more or less summarized pretty nicely what a train wreck the Sparty Football program has become.   I’m still not sure why everyone is handing Marc Anthony a “Vote of confidence” as this, in my opinion, is all on him.

In fact, if I was an “uber” sparty fan, I think I’d be asking the question:  What the Foxtrot is going on in East Lansing? 

If the buck doesn’t stop with Marcus Aurelius, where does it stop?  Hollis?  I mean, they dismissed an assistant coach who allegedly organized the sex romp for the three dismissed players that are claiming it was consensual and that the video of the event will exonerate them.  But the three still violated what’s becoming a morally shaky ground with respect to Title IX and schools stating that while the sex might have been consensual, multi-partner sex is against the rules. 

I’m not questioning the sexual practices of any individuals and if you’re a chick who’s looking to or into hooking up for a three or four way at a party with 3 football players, so be it.  Again, The question is:  Why are so many players in today’s day and age eagerly willing to jump into this type of situation after Louisville, Baylor, Minnesota and other reports have only shown that it can’t possibly end well…even if it’s consensual?
On top of that, what’s with the other issues, burglary, name calling, race issues, etc?  What in Muddy Waters green heaven is going on and are things that bad in spartyland?  And fergodsakes, when and how did this begin?  Usually stuff like this doesn’t “happen overnight” and it’s a symptom of something much bigger and much more sinister….

Whatever.  I’m still asking the same question:  Why is D’angelo getting a free pass?
Another question is, where’s the men behind the kids that are trying to make these individuals better people by teaching them the “right thing to do?”

Its simple common sense.

And I also understand that eventually individuals need to be responsible for their own actions.  But how can this be a recurring thing over and over and over?

And nobody is being called out on it.  

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