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So That Makes It Easier - Michigan Only Has To Win 11 In A Row!!!

All right…So I’ve had a day to settle down…And in case you missed it, didn’t stay awake, or simply have ignored ESPN and the BTN for the last 48 hours, here it is again…Just cause I want to be reminded that it’s never over…Until its OVER.


But that’s NOT what I said.

I said the queen mother of dirty words.  The F-dash-dash-dash word…like many other Michigan fans out there.

There’s losses, and then there’s losses.  Brust from Wiscy dropping that banked 3 that more or less destroyed whatever hopes Michigan had that season comes to mind.  Trey Burke destroying Kansas with a parking lot 3 in the 2013 NCAA Sweet 16 comes to mind as well…when Michigan was on the other side of that feeling.

As I watched the play unfold, I wanted someone, ANYONE to go up and challenge that pass.  Images of Laetner going up and catching that pass against Kentucky and shooting immediately came to mind.  We’re going to have to suffer through days of that replay – The Play that got Northwestern its first ever NCAA Bid.  Prepare for it. 

It’s going to make me ill.  But hey, it’s College Hoops and Its March.  You’re not watching ‘cause it’s boring, that’s for sure. 

So, while it’s not the end of the world, Michigan just took a step backwards on the road to the NCAA’s.  And while that loss alone isn’t enough to knock them out of the bracket, it certainly makes the last regular season game at Nebraska a LOT MORE MEANINGFUL.  Road woes continue.  If Michigan loses to Nebraska, a B1G Tourney run will be necessary to insure a bid.  Kind of like Sparty…More on them below…

I’m more or less over the loss and I hope the players bounce back from this one quickly as well.  They need to get ready for the Huskers on Sunday and next week in DC.

Nits:  The last two shot selections should be something that Beilein coaches and coaches on for the next 6 days or so.  There’s going to be more buzzer beaters coming.  Count on it and know what it feels like being on the wrong side of it.  Which, in a way, is good. 


I got a couple of texts and e-mails back on the last post. 

  1. There’s no WAY Michigan can win 12 games in a row….WE know that now.  And, yes, I think winning 12 games in a row in ANY sport is extremely difficult and the odds are against you.  But someone every year wins the last 6 College Basketball Games they play.  That’s just the way it is…So why is winning 12 that much more difficult?  Because it is….starting with the first one!!!  So now, all they need to do is win 11!!!
  2. Why Lunardi?  There’s a lot of Bracketologists out there  Well, I think my first response is usually, “Why NOT Lunardi?”  But I will say that I’ve been following bracketologists for a LONG, LONG time and Lunardi is one of the best.  At least with respect to who gets into the NCAA Tourney.  No one is that great when it comes to seeding and where a specific school is going to play.  I think a lot of shady stuff goes on when placing teams in certain Round 1 & 2 locations not to mention regionals.   That being said, Jerry Palm (CBS) updates daily, but I don’t like the way he tracks the bubble teams.  The way Lunardi does the last 4 byes, Last 4 in, first 4 out and next 4 out (16 teams on the watch, total) is much better and gives you an idea of how he’s looking at those teams, their respective RPI and total resume.  You can always go to  for an amalgam of all the bracketologists (124 I think?) out there and the average seed for everyone. 
  3. Are you going to share your bracket picks?  Of course!  I always post my brackets to anyone new reading the blog.  I even post my B1G Bracket for the B1G Tourney!!!!
  4. Why didn’t you mention the Blow-Out Victory (86-57) of Michigan over Sparty and that being the worst Sparty loss of the season?

Hee-hee…Some of you ARE PAYING ATTENTION!!!!

The Michigan Resume

Record:        19-11

BPI:              23  24  25  25  24

Kenpom:      28 27  27  27 27

RPI:              52 52  50  46  47

Opponent     Location       Date   Day and Time          Result

Indiana          Home             1-26    Thursday, 9:15        90-60 Blow-Out

Sparty             Away              1-29    Sunday, 1:00                        70-62 Loss

Suckeyes     Home             2-4      Saturday, 6:00         70-66 Loss

Sparty            Home             2-7      Tuesday, 9:00         86-57 BLOW-OUT

Indiana          Away              2-12    Sunday, 1:00                        75-63 SWEEP OF IU!!!!

Wiscy             Home             2-16    Thursday, 7:00        64-58 Win

Minnesota     Away              2-19    Sunday, 7:00                        83-78 LOSE

Rutgers          Away              2-22    Wednesday, 6:30     66-64 WIN

Purdue          Home             2-25    Saturday, 4:00         82-70 WIN

Northwestern Away             3-1      Wednesday, 7:00     67-65 Loss

Nebraska       Away              3-5      Sunday, 8:00

Lunardi updated on March 2nd:  Michigan is still solidly in but dropped to a 9-Seed. 

Michigan is now pretty much stuck in 7th place in the B1G.  Which means an opening game rematch in the B1G Tourney with what will probably be the Suckeyes who are currently in 10th place. 

Sparty’s loss to surging Illinois is going to present a problem for them.  I believed that Sparty needed to win one of the games and the Illini looked like the easier game.  Going to Maryland and winning is not easy.  That would leave Sparty, assuming they lose, at 18-13.  18 isn’t as big a deal as the 13 is as only a handful of 14 loss teams have ever received an at large bid with that many losses.  I of course am assuming here Sparty doesn’t win the B1G Tourney and loses again.  And even with Hollis and Izzo doing a great job managing the Non-Con SOS Sparty still won’t have beaten anyone and might truly slip down to the bubble line.  I’m thinking two more B1G losses would drop their RPI down into the high 40’s as well.  Meaning that if Sparty does lose Saturday, they need to win at least one game in the B1G Tourney.  Losing 3 in a row to close out the season and end up at 18-14 is something that the committee just won’t be able to argue away with “Strength of Schedule.”

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