Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning "It's Almost Over" Blues...

Jeez I hate January.  Everyone trying to get a jump on everything.  I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t had time to post.  Luckily, nothing especially meaningful has happened, but that’s not an excuse.  Auto Show, customer quotes, travel…it all starts to pile up….unfortunately. 

Question:  How long is it appropriate to greet someone with the “Happy New Year!” phrase?  I’ve always wondered that and I now have the

Answer:  Until the credit card and holiday bills come rolling in.  Then it’s right back to “Hey, how’s it going.”

But, nothing is as depressing as knowing that College Football is almost over.  However, it does allow all of us to start watching other sporting events, of which there have been some DOOZIES!!!  Wiscy, Duke and Arizona (3 teams in the top 10 of college hoops) all LOST yesterday!!!  Wiscy losing to Rutgers was probably the biggest surprise, but I cannot let that Duke loss to NC State slide, either!  That was a down-right embarrassment.  Even the suckeyes lost to lowly Indiana!!!   I wonder if it has anything to do with Coach K’s 1,000 win?  Three more “V’s” and he’s at 1,000.  

Before I get ahead of myself, could all of these weird sporting even outcomes be attributed to:

The Harbaugh Affect

I can’t take credit for this.  I think someone either at or Michigan Insider coined it, but I’ve spoken with many of you and EVERYONE has observed the same phenomena…

Michigan Basketball is playing better and winning games (again)…

Michigan Hockey INEXPLICABLY WINS the GLI….

Ohio State’s Men’s Basketball is on the verge of cratering into oblivion…

Sparty lost to Maryland on it’s home court in a game it should have won and had to go to OT to beat Northwestern yesterday…(And I won’t mention South Florida if you don’t mention NJIT and EMU)

Even in the NFL, Tom Brady of the Patriots passed his team to a victory over Jim’s brother on Saturday night…And the Patriots didn’t rush the ball a single time in the 2nd half….

Andrew Luck (coached by Harbaugh at Stanford) went in as a pretty big underdog to Denver and beat Peyton Manning’s Broncos….

Are these all coincidence or is it all part of the “Harbaugh Affect”.

All I can say is the MMQ/MMPG will continue to monitor and watch for future developments.

Jimmy has rounded out his coaching staff and Drevno is the OC along with Durkin as the DC.  I absolutely love both those hires.  Florida’s defense was one of the best in the SEC and Drevno has proven his mettle at Stanford and in the NFL.  This isn’t going to be a “Run the ball down their throats” offense…I think we’re about to see what everyone has hoped and expected to see from Michigan – Innovation, execution and simple decision making reads.

The de-commits are re-considering in addition to other players de-committing from their commitments to other universities.  I had a feeling this class would sort of take care of itself and I believe when the dust settles, the 16 or 17 kids Michigan gets are going to surprise some people.  Just sayin’.

The biggest question mark still remains QB.  My guess is Shane Morris or Speight are your leaders heading into Spring practice with a possible transfer in the making.  Don’t bet on it…but it’s a hunch.


TUESDAY:  Michigan @ OSU 7:00 PM!!!!

The National Championship – The Battle of the “O’s”

Controversy abounds!  OSU’s classes don’t start until this week and they have been allowed to practice more than the “2 hour a day rule” that is enforced by the NCAA.  Oregon’s classes, on the other hand, have been in session since January 6th or 7th, and they as a team have been limited to how much they can practice.  Leaving a whole lot more time for no studying, less practicing and team members to get baked down in Dallas(See Oregon WR Darren Carrington).  And subsequently bounced from the team.  I still think the marijuana rule has to be one of the dumbest still on the books (Yes – Mitch McGary would be really nice to have RIGHT NOW!!!)  And I get that marijuana is illegal.  But it’s going to be legal everywhere in about 5 years.  And why wouldn’t I want the entire opposing team high the day before a big game?  If they haven’t been able to figure it out on their own…se la vie!

I believe the MMQ had one team correct in this final, the Ducks, but there was no one that had the suckeyes in this game in August or September.  Hell, there was even doubt as late as December that the suckeyes would get into the Final 4, but a throttling of Wiscy and no Conference Championship in the Big XII and the next thing you know, there’s Urban “Legend” sitting on the lip of the cup, again.  The question is:  Will 3rd stringer Cardale Jones actually start playing like a 3rd stringer at some point in this play-off run?

That’s a good question, and the pivotal one, if you ask me.  I’m not sure the suckeyes “D” can overcome Marcus and company, so the question becomes, “Can the suckeyes Offense hang with Oregon?”

And, until he proves to me otherwise, I’m going to say yes.  I’m saying yes because Bama’s strength was supposed to be its Defense and Jones had his way with them.    I’m also saying yes because after his first two games, I’m convinced that Jones doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear.  Or even nervous.  He’s playing like a kid possessed and he understands that he needs to be the leader on the field.  A 3rd string QB….That’s the story of this game and will continue to be the story if OSU pulls the upset. 

Yes, it will be a bitter-sweet outcome for Michigan Fans, to say the least.  Great for the B1G (sort of – better for OSU), lousy feeling as a Michigan fan inside that our arch rival did the right thing 3 years ago and hired the coach that they knew would get them to the promised land.   36-3 in three years?  That’s a pretty high bar.  Michigan has now taken that step in hiring the right coach….but 36-3 in 3 years…Who knows if Jimmy has that in him?  And what’s he starting with?  How big of a hole does he have to climb out of?  I’m not suggesting three years with that kind of record is even close to being possible. For one thing, OSU’s arch rival has literally sucked balls during that 3 year run.  And OSU isn’t going anywhere.

The Hot Seat

Coaches are bouncing the around the NCAA and the NFL faster than a pair of naturals at an all-night orgy.   Sorry…Just putting that in there to see who’s still reading!  Anyway, we are down our final two – just like the Championship!  I’ll keep the voting open for a week so everyone has a shot to get their vote in.  The finalists:

Nicky Whelan

Samantha Hoopes


And may the best Hot Seat Mascot Win!!!


Down to a measly $219 in the bank.  I’m going for broke here and parlaying my way to either oblivion or respectability.

Oregon State vs. Ohio State (+6) O/U 1st half:  37.5   O/U Final:  74
Man, what a tricky spread and over/under.  I said I liked Ohio State, but do I like them enough to cover 6 points?  And will the Ducks score per usual or will OSU tame the quack attack in the first half?  With the Duckies losing one of their star players on offense, the 6 points seems like a manageable number for OSU.  I could take the suckeyes and try to double my money.  But what fun is that?

Instead, Let’s


For those of you who aren’t gamblers, this may not make a ton of sense, but you can do this kind of stuff….

I’m taking the half time UNDER(37.5) combined with the final game OVER (74) and OSU to cover the 6 spread.  That’s a three way parlay

$219 pays 4 to 1:  $876 

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