Friday, July 25, 2014

Fridays Odds and Ends

Fall Weddings - Don't
Yesterday I sent a link in an e-mail to The Distribution.  I’ve decided that I’m either old enough not to care what people think or I don’t care what family thinks either, but there are certain “things” in life that anyone can believe is sacred. It's a personal choice, what you believe is sacred.  It can be anything, really.  Some choose family, others choose work...whatever has the most meaning for the individual. 
For me, Football Saturday in the fall is one of those things.  I’m not even stating that with as much of my tongue in my cheek as you might think.  I know Ufer used to refer to Michigan Football as the Religion and Saturday was the Holy Day of Obligation.  And as I get older, well….I’m really starting to agree with that statement more and more.
There’s always going to be SOMETHING that gets in our way, but when it’s a wedding, come on folks!  There’s plenty of other Saturdays in the year for a family celebration and and I think you can find one day out of the other 40 Saturdays available every year to have a wedding.
There.  That’s out there.  Yes, I’ve missed games because of weddings.  I’m not saying it was the end of the world – missing a game, I mean – but it’s certainly something that can easily be avoided.
So, if you’re still reading this and you agree with it (I know SOME OF YOU DON'T!!) AND you hear about a family or loved one that is planning a wedding and looking for dates, it’s YOUR JOB as a college football nut to advise the blissfully unaware couple that any Saturday in the fall would be a BAD IDEA.  There’s plenty of people that will thank you for that later, whether you are aware of it or not.
ohio Cans Its Band Director
Unbelievable…But is it?  The school down south has canned Jonathan Waters from its band director position due to lewd and obscene activities during band practice and band get togethers.  Those activities included but were apparently not limited to:  Marching sans uniform (some members in underwear – others naked), dirty nick-names, sexually oriented limericks texted to band members and other uncomfortable practices.  At least, they were uncomfortable for some of the band members who didn’t live their lives like an open sex book…or at least that’s what I’m surmising.  I’ve always said band geeks were a little different and the head band geek at ohio has more or less been outed as the most different of all. 
He only lasted 2 years in ohio and I doubt he’ll be able to find any kind of work in this particular industry again.  Sad, in a way, as ohio did have some of the best half time shows that actually put the “marching” back in to marching band.  I have to admit that the “Best Damn Band in the Land” was the best under his direction and made me a little envious as a fan….
MMPG - Levert, Walton, and Irvin
I’ve had a couple of discussions with some College Basketball Junkies this off-season and I made mention of the fact that Caris LaVert may in fact be Nik Stauskas in disguise as he migrates from his sophomore year to his junior year.  I went so far as to say I thought that Caris might even be more Staukas-ish than Stauskas was.  Meaning that Stauskas was a freshman that you took notice of him, but unless you were really paying attention, you really didn’t know what he could blossom into as a sophomore..and did he ever blossom.
Well, here’s a couple of photos ( that has the Ole MMPG thinking I’m more right than wrong.  And in a way, I’m excited for College Basketball to get underway!!!
Here’s a photo of LaVert in high school….

And here’s a recent photo of the 2 Juniors and the Sophomore leaving the weight and conditioning room…If you can't see or notice the transformation, well....I guess you'll see it come November!
Yeah, if I wasn’t a Michigan Fan, I’d be nervous looking at this picture, too!!

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