Friday, December 6, 2013

FMQ Week #15 - Championship Week!

Is it over already?  Unbelievable….

Bowl Status Updates:   The University of Michigan Athletic Department has sent out an e-mail informing season ticket holders that it’ll be one of the following Bowls for Michigan, which will be announced on Sunday, December 8th:
Texas Bowl - Houston, December 27th
Buffalo Wild Wings – Tempe, December 28th
Gator Bowl –Jacksonville, January 1
Opponents for each of those could be Texas, Texas Tech, and probably Georgia….in that order.  The prognosticators and bowl projection folks have us in the Gator on January 1.  I’m not buying it, but the Cornhuskers losing may have helped Michigan’s cause and I believe the Texas bowl would have the Longhorns as an opponent and I’m sure Nebraska would rather play Texas than Georgia.  That's the beauty of the B1G when you share the dough….Pick the match-up you like and the final season results don’t really matter.  Minnesota would end up in the Wild Wings against Tech….We’ll see.
Coaching Updates:  In case you haven’t heard, Sarkisian in at USC and out at Washington but the BIG RUMOR is that Boise State’s Peterson is seriously looking at the Washington Job.  Why he didin’t consider it before Sarkasian took it the last time is beyond me…But now it’s looking good to him?  Oh well…the Coaching Carousel is in full spin…

It’s championship week and we have to at least try to get even for the year and it appears there are several opportunities that the bookmakers are laying out there for people just like us that need help!

I may be reading the tea leaves wrong here, but I do see opportunity!
Oklahoma @ Okie State (-10):  I KNOW I should take Oklahoma here, but the Laters haven’t covered the spread in this game in awhile and Okie State still has an outside shot at the NC.  I think they will show up and crush their instate rival…
Take Okies State and lay the 10 for $40
Texas @ Baylor (-14):  This one is tricky.  I honestly believe that Baylor will win this game, but there’s always a chance that the Longhorns rise to the occasion and somehow manage to upset the upstarts!  ORRRR….the shorthorns show up and fall completely on their face…I'm betting the former.
Take Texas and the 14 for $50
Stanford (+3) vs. ASU:  Will this be T. Graham’s last game before leaving for a better “gig”?  There’s so many opportunities to add another million or so to his bottom line and the jobs are probably better than what he perceives he has…I still don’t know how the Cardinal fell off and lost to the teams they lost to...
I’ll take Stanford and the 3 for $60
Duke (+30) vs. FSU:  This game “on paper” should be over in the 2nd quarter.  HOWEVA’, I do believe that the Blue Devils may hang around longer than people think in this one and a late TD could be the deciding factor – either way. 
I’ll take Duke and the 30 for $30
Mizzou (+2) vs. Auburn:  This is a truly fascinating game.  Auburn has had two miracle wins in a row and there seems to somehow be this belief that they are the team of destiny.  And  the “upset” pick of the week is Sparty over the suckeyes…But I see Mizzou taking advantage of this opportunity and upsetting the SEC WEST!
Take Mizzoi and the 2 for $75
Sparty (+5.5) vs ohio:  Looking only at how these two teams played Michigan (One at Michigan Stadium and one at Spartyland), I’m very much inclined to take Sparty and the points in this one…But I hate to go against Urban Crime Legend as he has a tendency to perform well in these games.  Eh, I guess I’m green this week…
Take Sparty and the 5.5 for $60

PARLAY!  (6 to 1)
Sparty-Mizzou-Stanford for $50
Starting Bank:         $710.50
Total Bet:                  $365.00
BANK:                       $345.50

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