Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Michigan News - Domer Schaedenfraude!

Okay - first the Good News!

Women's Softball moves on the the College Softball World Series!  Big Deal and Bigger Congrats after upending a pesky Rajin' Cajun team from Louisiana....However, they will face incredibly tough tests from the Oklahoma Sooners and Gatorland is a formidable opponent as well.  But if you've seen Michigan play this year...Well, there's no quit in those girls!  They can win on defense and offense!  But ultimately, opening up with the chalk favorite Sooners on Thursday night (ESPN2) and then having to face either Texas or ASU (who they beat earlier in the season) in the 2nd round may just be too tough for these Wolverines....


Michigan snags the #1 Corner Back Recruit Jabrill Peppers in the 2014 Class!  While you know I DON'T NORMALLY FOLLOW ANY RECRUITING regarding these highly regarded players, I couldn't help but get caught up in a little bit of the frenzy on this one.....This kid is good (Go to mgoblog.com for highlights or youtube.com for some of his amazing plays) and he is clearly a leader and is going to bring excitement into this entire recruting class.  Now, I always say, you can bring a pedigree with you, but it doesn't mean crap until you do something in the Big House.  Nevertheless, it's a big time get for Hoke and company!

Domer Misery News

....Some of you may consider this even better news than the news above...But of course your MMQ would NEVER think that...nooooooope - nope - nope - nope.....Well, Maybe!

Weis made more in 2011-12 that Brian Kelly!  That is the one of the best (and funniest) headlines I've seen all year. 

Gholston caught cheating and "expelled" for the 2013 academic year!  This one is a little harder for me to believe and until we know what exactly happened, you're NOT going to convince me that this was his first problem with the Academic Law in Domerland.  Not to mention all the creative ways I've seen cheating characterized as "Poor Academic Judgement".  That's cheating, right?  And the reason I don;'t think it was his first time is due to the fact that 3 beer Floydd somehow managed to get a second and third chance to come back with all the problems he had...And not to mention Tommy "Kung Fu" Rees and his run ins with the law and alcohol.....So, this smells fishy and methinks there was a lot more that happened and there was a straw that broke the camel's back.....

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