Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet 16!

Sweet 16!  Its been TOO LONG!

I wasn't sure I wanted to post just because a famous coach once said, "Act like you've been here before."  Which, Michigan has, but its been awhile....

The opening round South Dakota State game was a lot less "Epic" than the prognositcators would have everyone believe and the VCU Rams looked downright laughable as The Wolverines ran them up, down and literally off the court.  Shaka Smart didn't look very much his namesake as he continued to try and press Michigan's guards and then decided that getting into a running challenge against Michigan's speed and ball handling was a game he could win.  I'm not letting any cats out of any bags as to what the secret is to beating Mihichigan:  Slow down the tempo and play perimeter defense and you've got a shot.  Get into a run and gun contest and you're gonna'  take your lumps....

Best plays!

Spike Albrecht's pass is friggin' awesome!


I you have ever coached basketball....All I can say is Coaches absolutely LOVE a good pick! And a pick that puts somebody on the floor is better than an alley oop!

Michigan Hockey Loses in CCHA Final

Unfortunately, at the same time OSU was beating Iowa State on Sunday, the Michigan Men's Hockey team was unfortunately losing their final game of the season to the clowns from that small school in South Bend, Indiana....JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!

However, in case you were unaware, it's the 17th anniversary of "The Michigan" move made famous by Mike Legg!  I love this play and never get tired of watching it...((HT:  Greg at MVictors)

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