Friday, March 2, 2012

Still Alive - But, and I KNOW How Much This Pains EVERYONE...go suckeyes!

Okay.  Deep breath.  After the turd that represented the final home game against Purdue for the Maize and Blue was flushed from Crysler Arena, I'm feeling better about the fact that Michigan isn't out of a possible share of the Big 10 Title.  This is the first time they've even sniffed one since 1984.  1984.  they went BACK TO BACK IN 1985  - 1986!!  (Thank you for the correction SUPERFAN! - you are the official go to B-Ball guy on the distribution.  I try to do most of the Football stuff from memory and I believe there just isn't enough room in the old keppe for B-Ball).  I thought that Fisher had come close with the Tractor Trailer team, but it turns out the only thing they had accomplished was winning the B1G Tournament in 1998, still no small task.  (Of course, according to the NCAA, that inaguaral Championship has now never happened, but it happened for the fans).

The first thing that needs to happen is that Michigan needs to take care of business at PSU at 1:00 PM on Saturday.  SUNDAY!!!!!!  (I accidentally looked at February calendar once I knew the date...Sheesh). That shouldn't be a huge hurdle for the cagers as they have finally figured out how to win on the road. 

The second thing that needs to happen:  Unfortunately, winning a B1G share means we all have to join together and do something that repulses me more than anything else that readily comes to mind:

We have to....jeez....I'm not even sure I can type this...We have to pull for the suckeyes to beat Sparty. 

You should just be able to change the channel and it'll be right there.  At 4:00 PM...

There...It's out there.  I've done my part.  The rest of you know what you need to do.  Superfan, you better up the bet on PSU.  Everyone else, rub your rabbit's feet, stroke your good luck charm and then wash your mouth out with turpentine after yelling, "Go Suckeyes!"

And fer God's sake..Don't let your kids hear you say it!

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