Monday, January 9, 2012

Sugar Bowl Wrap and Other Trivia

Wow! That’s all I can say…Wow.
Did They deserve to win? Depends
Did They earn the win? Depends
Did They luck out? Depends

Depends on what? Which side of the argument you’re on, of course!

But guess what? None of it matters because THEY DIDN’T LOSE! And WINNERS (not whiners) find a WAY TO WIN!

Based on that fact alone when all the Sparty and Domer haters that come up to you for the next 6 months, you can simply put that big ole shit eatin’ grin on your face and say, “They won. That’s all that matters.”

Favorite things from the Sugar:

-Brendan Gibbons, and I quote, “Thinking about Brunettes during the big kick because that’s what Coach Hoke told me to do.” Another shot of Lucy Pinder, anyone, on behalf of Gibbons? Maybe she derserved being the Hot Seat Mascot afterall!

-Molk finding it somewhere inside of him to walk on that field for the last 60 minutes of football he would ever play. His injury was a scare and definitely could have been game changer…
-RVB playing like a warrior…
-Roundtree coming up HUGE and simply not being denied…
-Beamer's Boys making critical mistakes at critical times...I won't say they handed Michigan the game, but they didn't do themselves any favors, that's for sure.

Things I could do without:

-Internet “second guessers” calling a non-catch a catch. Change the rule if you don’t like it and review Roudtree’s catch in the Iowa game, puh-leeze before you throw stones.
-That Michigan didn’t deserve to win. Really? Did USC “deserve” to win the 1977 game? (Charles White phantom TD) And I can think of other games, too….but I’m just not going there this AM.
-That the win is somehow “tainted” because Va-Tech didn’t deserve to be there…BS....Va Tech was a worthy team and fared better than other ACC teams (see Orange bowl and Clemson, for example)
-That this wasn’t a “Great” Michigan team…I might agree with that, but
-It was a Great Team…And I think that’s the part that’s being overlooked….

Something that surprised me was that this was only the 5th time in recent history that Michigan had posted 11 or more wins. Out of curiosity and with the help of the stellar information over at the Bentley Library, I found the other seasons where Michigan had 11 or more….(I only went back to 1970)

2006 (11-2) Lost to OSU and the Rose Bowl to USC
1997 (12-0) Won the Whole Enchilada
1986 (11-1) Beat OSU and lost the Rose Bowl to ASU
1971 (11-1) Beat OSU and lost to Stanford in the Rose

Those are some pretty impressive teams…But did you notice anything in particular about the accomplishments? With the exception of 1997, all those teams either lost to OSU or the Bowl game, or in one case (2006), both.

And I can tell you this: As good as I felt about all those teams, there’s nothing that feels better than winning the last two. I don’t care what season it is.

So, I guess you can take the 11 wins, put it on the mantel, and say nice job. But for this fan, I really, REALLY appreciate the fact that tosu and the Bowl Game are part of the 11 victories. Yes, there’s one blemish on the record that I would like to erase, but there’s always next year.

Just for giggles, I looked up 10 game winning seasons (when they only played 11 games and a bowl) and this is what I came up with (when you factor in that 10-1 regular season percentage-wise is actually better than 11-2.  In my mind, that’s an equivalent stat…Yeah, I know, they play more games allowing for more error, but come on, winning 10 back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is still a big deal.):

1972 (10-1) Lost to OSU. Didn’t go to the Rose because of loss to OSU
1973 (10-0-1) tied OSU and didn’t got to the Rose because of THE VOTE!
1974 (10-1-0) Lost to OSU and didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t go anywhere in 73, either.
1976-77-78 (10-2) Orange (Lost), Rose (Lost) and Rose (Lost). Beat OSU in ’76 and ’77.
1980 (10-2) BEAT OSU and WON the Rose
1985 (10-2) BEAT to OSU and BEAT Nebraska in the Fiesta
1989 (10-2) BEAT OSU and lost to USC in the Rose
1991 (10-2) BEAT OSU and Lost to Washington
1998 (10-2) Lost to OSU and BEAT Arkansas in the Citrus
1999 (10-2) BEAT OSU and BEAT Alabama in the Orange
2002 (10-2) Lost to OSU and BEAT Florida in the Citrus
2003 (10-2) BEAT OSU and lost to USC in the Rose….

So, why did I do all that for you? To show you how many times in 40 seasons that Michigan won the last two. And how many times did the Wolverines win the last two? I’ll make it easy for you…Exactly three times. Four when you add in 1997. And they only beat OSU and won the Rose TWICE…

For those of you couting along at home, that's only 4 times in 40 years that Michigan has Beat OSU and won the Bowl...So, in conclusion….winning 10 was a big deal in the day of 11 regular season games. And winning the last two was even a BIGGER DEAL, in the MMQ’s humble opinion, than winning 10 or 11, for that matter.

So, please, PLEASE, I implore you…Enjoy this victory and this season! It doesn’t happen very often that we beat OSU and win the Bowl Game!

As far as the rest of the bowls, my take on all the ones that mattered:

Cotton: Arkansas sort of proved it MIGHT have belonged in a play-off, but I would have thought that a much larger margin of victory against K-state would have sent a stronger message. Of course, K-state had plenty of time to prepare and maybe the Hogs simply didn’t want to be there as bad as the Wildcats….

Orange: Holy Crap! Did Clemson even think about practicing defense? I mean, it’s one thing to not play well…But not play at all? I’m pretty sure that any BCS team would have had a field day against the defense that Clemson put on the field. And WVU did.

Sugar: Enough said, but stop with all the negatives, especially: Michigan Fans! Too many haterz out there already that will be poo-pooing this win as something less than it is. Sour Grapes and bitter biscuits, Sparty and Domer fan!

Fiesta: I don’t want to be the kicker for Stanford. In fact, why was the kicker even put in that position when you have Mr. Lucky taking the snaps from center? A freshmen kicker vs. a 3rd year (about to be a multilmillionaire) starting QB? C’mon…Even the ole MMQ knows how to call THAT one….Probably the best game of New Year’s day followed closely by the

ROSE: Okay. This game had everything, if you like offense. If you’re defense oriented, you didn’t see the 4th quarter because you had already clawed your eyes out. However, I did see it and Wiscy probably didn’t deserve to win, but they didn’t deserve to lose to Sparty and the Suckeyes, either, and based on the freakiness of 2011, I figured that Instant Karma was gonna’ help them…I don’t know why Wilson tried to down the ball with 2 seconds left. Call two plays, line up and play ‘em.

Outback: Cousins was nearly the goat (AGAIN) but Sparty met a bigger failure in critical games than Sparty ….Mark Richt may or may not be the Bulldogs head coach next year, and that season ending bowl loss after being up by 16 at the half is probably all anyone who is making the decision will point at if he’s not on the side line next year…

Gator: Yawn…I’m frankly a little pissed at the Suckeyes, and this is simply another reason to really hate them…They couldn’t even beat a Gatorland team that was easily beatable…with the former Gatorland coach on their sideline, for God’s sake…

Capitol One: Double Yawn…Someone tell the Cornsuckers that you NEED TO SHOW UP IN BOWL GAMES WHEN YOU PLAY THE SEC! 1997 doesn’t count anymore….

Alamo: Best Bowl game not on New Year’s day…I was impressed with RGB III…Really.

CHAMPS: Hahahaha….HAHAHAHAHAHA! Domers LOSE!!!!!

Biggest Bowl Statement

I kind of hate this comment that have become very “in vogue” to say by all the talking heads. It seems like everyone harps on it and tries to make each bowl that isn’t the National Title Game a “Big Deal” by stating this or that team made the biggest statement by winning their bowl. The MMQ’s version:

1. Oregon. Picking this one as the biggest statement was tough. But I think it's justified. Oregon wins it’s first BCS and it’s first Rose Bowl in 90 some years…That’s a pretty big statement and a relief for the fans…
2. Okie State – This was big deal as they won their first BCS game in addition to winning the Big 12 destination bowl against a legit team – Stanford.

Everything and everyone else is just kind of noise….I really don’t think you “build” momentum with a bowl win, but it would be an interesting statistic to analyze…

The Hot Seat

Jenn Brown will adorn the upper right of the blog for the year and I have been challenged with finding a close up photograph of the Jenn Brown Tramp Stamp tattoo. I will do my utmost to seek out this photo and have it on the blog as soon as humanly possible.  Actually, any of the readers up to the challenge?  Can anyone get a shot of that Tattoo for our blog? 

Maybe we should have a contest...that's an idle thought....

Did you think if I sent her a twitter asking for a shot of it she would respond?

We’ll do a final wrap next week with respect to hirings and firings…and how those coaches might do in the coming season.


Urban Legend Bowl (OSU vs. Florida -2.5)
Take OSU and the 2.5 for $200
-GAG! This game just sucked…That’s what I get for putting any money on either one of these teams…

ROSE BOWL Oregon vs. Wisconsin (+4.5)
Take Wiscy and the 4.5 for $75
-Jesus Tap Dancin’ Christ…Just RUN THE FINAL PLAY! LOSE…..

The FIESTA Stanford vs. Oklahoma State (-4.5)
Take Mr. Lucky and the 4.5 for $75
Mr. Lucky doesn’t win, but he covers….WIN $142.50

The OUTBACK Sparty vs. Georgia (-2.5)
Take Sparty and the 2.5 for $50
Sparty comes through for the ole FMQ – WIN - $95

The SUGAR Michigan vs. Va Tech (+2.5)
Take Michigan and lay the 2.5 for $125
Hee-hee….3 points is 3 points….WIN - $237.50

The NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Satan’s Warriors vs. LMU (+1) O/U - 40

Wow…This game might make us very happy or very sad as far as the ole FMQ is concerned….We have $232 house money that we could parlay here if we wanted…Let’s do it…The current bet is:

Take LMU and the 1 point for $75
Let’s add to it and take the under for $100
Let’s parlay LMU winning and the under for $50 (pays 3 to 1)

So, we’re either going to have a nice tidy sum or be up a bunch (but not double….Sad Face. )

Starting Bank: $1,307
Total Bet: $250
Bank: $1057

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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