Monday, April 26, 2010

Let THAT Be a Lesson To You

Donovan Warren.

They should put his name up in bright lights at the University of Michigan. Big bright lights that say,


You're coach can't tell you this. Your parents, if they're smart will tell you to stay in school...And if you're smart, you will figure it out after talking to some other objective parties. Clausen and Tate both should have stayed one more year. Their value would have spiraled up. And they would have become better playing against younger, less experienced athletes.

It kills me, actually, to have to see this. After Thursday night, which was pretty anti-climatic, if you ask me, the draft got BORING. If they actually expect people to tune into this on Friday and Saturday, they are going to have to jazz it up a little more than that...But again, I'm wandering. I was staying tuned in and watching the bottom line for names that I would recognize and say, "Yeah, they deserved to be drafted." And when Donovan's name didn't pop up in the 5th round on Saturday, I started to get susupicious. I was thinking maybe I missed him. Of course, Kiper didn't even have him on the big board. So that tells you something.

What this SHOULD teach everyone that's playing in their junior year that the lure of money needs to be ignored. It needs to be put aside and dismissed. And then one can truly focus on achieving something great. I believe Brandon Graham exhibited this all by himself this year as Michigan's Defensive leader. Putting aside the riches for something more important, something meaningful.

Yes, Donovan signed as a free agent with the Jets. My guess is he gets cut early and might have a one or two year career playing a back-up roll or as a league journeyman. One more year at Michigan might have changed all that.

Other notable local talent that went undrafted and subsequently signed free agent deals:

Carlos Brown - Undrafted free Agent - Signed with Saints
Brandon Minor - signed with Bears
David Moosman - Cardinals
Greg Matthews: - Signed with Bears

MSU Blair White - Signed with Colts
MSU Brett Swenson - Signed with Colts

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