Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big 10 - Not So Bad

So, the Big 10 goes 4-3 in the Bowls (should have been 6-1 - Northwestern and Minnesota each lost tough games that were very winnable) and they have two BCS victories to boot.

So much for the Big 10 bashing. Maybe Michigan was better than we all thought and the conference was simply that much tougher than anyone was giving it credit for. Of course, there will always be doubters...

Question is: Can Michigan find it's place back in the hierarchy of this conference sooner rather than later? Top to bottom, it's actually looking pretty tough:

1. OSU- not going anywhere with Pryor around for at least another year.
2. PSU- Clark is gone, but the heart of that team is coming back
3. Iowa - Better than most people thought they were. One play away from beating OSU.
4. Wisconsin - 9 wins looks almost automatic for the cheeseheads any more..
5. Northwestern - Coach has them believing...I was hoping Notre Dame would have looked harder at this guy a pulled him away...
6. Minnesota - squeaked in and will improve for the foreseeable future....
7. Sparty - Don't know...Could all fall apart next year or they could come out from this debacle stronger than before..

So there's your top 7. Purdue ain't too shabby and will continue to cause problems for all these teams and don't be surprised if they are part of the dance next year. That means Michigan has it's work cut out for itself and needs to get a lot better in a big hurry.

Sigh....I'm alreay worried...

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