Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Going to Bitch About It....And Do Something

For what it's worth:

Looking at this season schedule I can't help but feel I am getting ripped off as a season ticket holder. I look at the level of home competition and I am fed up.

The Large Universities, in an effort to keep the revenues up and healthy, continue to add more home games against unqualified talent - keep your APP STATE comments to yourself. In this way, they get the ticket revenue, parking, concessions, etc. and only have to pay this mediocre opponent a measely $500K for the honor of getting dismantled in the Big House. So instead of putting a premium of say $25-$30 on a ticket to a game I wouldn't mind seeing - like a home and home at Tennessee, Florida or LSU, we get the pleasure of paying $50 to see the likes of Deleware State....Great. Just what I want to do on a Saturday in the middle of a recession is blow $100+ on a game that means nothing to me as a fan. And I couldn't give the tickets away if I wanted to.

Well, I pissed off and I am not going to take it any more. I have decided that I am going to do something I witnessed for years while I was a student at the University of Michigan. I am going to start a movement to let the University and the NCAA know how I feel about this situation.


Open letter to all Season Ticket Holders:

Now is your chance to let the University of Michigan know how you feel about a Division I powerhouse (supposedly) scheduling a home game against Deleware State. I propose that on

Saturday, October 17th - YOU DON'T ATTEND THE GAME.

Enjoy the day doing something else. Don't go to Ann Arbor and fight the crowd. Don't give the University the satisfaction of letting them believe they can rip youoff like this by bringing in what can only be described as an unqualified opponent and charging you $50 per ticket to do it.

Send a message. Don't let them make an additional $1 million on concessions and game programs.

Better yet, I propose that anyone interested in demonstrating and speaking out against this abuse meet in groups at locations in the State of Michigan and have Deleware State Ticket Burning Parties. These can be conducted at bars or restaurants that truly need the revenue and will appreciate the fans. If you get large enough crowds, let the establishments know you're coming and why. Maybe the Universities start to see via the media the voice of the fan and realize the dis-service they are doing to the Traditions of the Game and the Fans that support it.

Let them know that we would prefer to pay a premium for a qualified opponent vs. this disgrace that we will need to witness and will forever be on our record - Win or Lose.

If you don't agree, please go and enjoy the game. I mean no disrespect to your support of Michigan - As I am still a huge supporter of this Great University.

If you do agree, start organizing your group today and get them on board.

Feel free to forward this on to as many fans as you know.



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