Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet 16!

Sweet 16!  Its been TOO LONG!

I wasn't sure I wanted to post just because a famous coach once said, "Act like you've been here before."  Which, Michigan has, but its been awhile....

The opening round South Dakota State game was a lot less "Epic" than the prognositcators would have everyone believe and the VCU Rams looked downright laughable as The Wolverines ran them up, down and literally off the court.  Shaka Smart didn't look very much his namesake as he continued to try and press Michigan's guards and then decided that getting into a running challenge against Michigan's speed and ball handling was a game he could win.  I'm not letting any cats out of any bags as to what the secret is to beating Mihichigan:  Slow down the tempo and play perimeter defense and you've got a shot.  Get into a run and gun contest and you're gonna'  take your lumps....

Best plays!

Spike Albrecht's pass is friggin' awesome!


I you have ever coached basketball....All I can say is Coaches absolutely LOVE a good pick! And a pick that puts somebody on the floor is better than an alley oop!

Michigan Hockey Loses in CCHA Final

Unfortunately, at the same time OSU was beating Iowa State on Sunday, the Michigan Men's Hockey team was unfortunately losing their final game of the season to the clowns from that small school in South Bend, Indiana....JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!

However, in case you were unaware, it's the 17th anniversary of "The Michigan" move made famous by Mike Legg!  I love this play and never get tired of watching it...((HT:  Greg at MVictors)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's HERE! That Spring Rite of Passage.....

That we all know and love....Not Pitchers and Catchers reporting...That was weeks ago, and for those of you reading in Michigan, it was still the dead of winter.

Kind of STILL IS the dead of winter around here right now....But the March Madness has begun and it's Bracket Time!  Meaning that Spring and the Masters are right around the corner. 

Bracket Busters?  Got Em....

Bracket Sleepers?  Predicting them here!

Bold Predictions?  You Bet!

Prognosticating is one of the MMQ's Favorite things to do!  And of course, what fun is prognosticating unless you put a little scratch on it!

So, without further ado, here's the MMQ's Big 10 Special Bracket that I can explain a lot easier than my Smart Bracket.  The Smart Bracket looks dumber every time I look at it and this Bracket makes more sense every time I peruse it.  But I think that's the Michigan Man and Big 10 Guy coming out....

Hopefully, everyone can see this.  The rationale for each region is below:

MIDWEST:  When Tom Izzo has better than a 4 seed, you must respect the Izzo.  That's basically all you need to know.  Why not Duke?  Well, in the last 5 brackets where the Dukies were a two seed?  They didn't get out of the first weekend.  I have to say that the hardest pick here was NOT taking Cincinnati over Duke in that 2nd round game......Louisville?  They only have one guy that really scores...Is that any way to win a tournament?  Besides the Big East, I mean?  And look out for the ducks in the First Round....Underseeded against an over-seeded Okie State team that runs hot and cold on offense...Izzo and company find a chair at the Final 4 Feast!

WEST:  Thad Matta - See Izzo above.  I've finally given up on figuring out when OSU will get upset in the Big Dance, so I'm just going with it this year and hoping my bracket sheet isn't garbage before the end of the 1st weekend.  Yes, Gonzaga is that fun name school that was a cinder-fella 15 years ago...and they are good, but they need to finally prove it by getting to a Final 4.  I just don't think its happening this year as OSU is way too good and won't let it happen - their guards are too good....  Of course, this could be the year that OSU chokes...who knows?  Taking Iowa State over the Domers?  No Brainer.....12-5 UPSET ALERT:  Ole Miss over Wiscy is my only Big 10 blemish....Because I HATE WISCONSIN!.  I also think Ole Miss and their flamboyant point Guard Henderson will be a problem for Wiscy.....OSU comes out of the West for a spot at the Final 4 Table!

EAST:  IU - IU - IU....Yes, they're good.  In fact, I think IU got a gift and has one of, if not THE easiest bracket to the Final 4 of any of the other number 1's.  Why?  When Miami is in there and the won the ACC regular season and the ACC Tournament?  Because...They won the ACC And the ACC Tournament.  Too much is expected and I don't think they have what it will take to knock off IU.  12 SEED SLEEPER ALERT:  California shocks a few people and knocks off a team they should have beat at home but lost to by one - and they are playing 25 miles from their hometown...And then they surprise a few more people and knock off a tired and leg weary Syracuse in the 2nd round....  14-3 UPSET ALERT:  Davidson and it's Team Offense and Defense approach are going to be too much for First Round out of the Big East Tournament Marquette...Marquette is not known for deep runs in the tourney and there's simply too much pressure on them to get a first round Victory this year.  Check out the Marquette's blog and you will see what I mean...IU coasts to the head of the Final 4 Table..

SOUTH:  I think this is without question the weakest bracket of all.  And that bodes well for the middle seeds to wreak havoc here.  11-6 NON UPSET ALERT:  Yes, You read that right, loyal reader.  Minnesota is actually FAVORED in this game by 3 points as an 11 SEED!  So, do what you must and thank the MMQ later...Of course, for all the people that pick without a clue, the actual upset (UCLA WINNING) will look like a favorite winning and reward absolutely no one....Everything else here is chalk until Bill Self's Jayhawks meet the Wolverines in the Sweet 16.  Nobody has Michigan going past the Sweet 16...Except slappy's like yours truly.  Why?  It's still Michigan and the low turnover record, three point shooting and charity stripe should revert to the mean in tournament time.  I like Michigan to upset a highly optimistic Kansas squad and then defeat a Gatorland team that upsets a weak East opponent in Georgetown....putting Michigan in the Final 4!

Then, it's just a redo of the Big 10 tournament with Michigan - OSU  - Indiana and Sparty squaring off....The way it should be!

Michigan winning the whole thing is Karmatic Redemption for all the crappy crap that happened to them this season....

Don't believe it?  Well, then you haven't been paying attention!

Fun websites to look at an play around with:


And without a doubt, my favorite:


You can spend a lot of time looking at these sites...and it will all be wasted, of course.

Because at the end of the day, who knows what's going to happen!