Monday, September 29, 2008

MICHIGAN Sucks.....

Down 19-0 with 5 minutes gone in the 3rd quarter, I turned the game off and decided to do something more productive with my time than watch the lowly Wolverines and college football in general….


WHAT A GAME!!! Readers, I know I have been off a little in recent weeks due to the depression of losing to the much hated Domers and the Wolverines looking like they are running a sand lot offense – and not very well at that – and I was getting mighty discouraged. But this game, this comeback, this memory of memories over the Cheeseheads will last for awhile. At least until the next loss.

Observations on this game:

1. Steven Threet – Learned that the odds of the receiver ACTUALLY CATCHING the ball increase exponentially when he throws it close to them.
2. DEFENSE – This defense, when faced with a one dimensional offense, will be difficult to score against. The image of Thompson running into the endzone with what looked like guys off the bench – there were that many team mates surrounding him – told me that we are going to be tough to score on in the coming weeks.
3. Rich Rod is finally starting to let the square pegs fit into square holes vs. trying to drive square pegs into round holes.

Wow. I was on the edge of my seat and I wasn’t sure what to think when everything started falling in place. I started to think maybe the Cheeseheads just weren’t that good, but then I saw something else. I noticed on TV that Michigan started to “look” faster than the cheeseheads. The defensive line was getting to the backs and into the backfield quickly. I am starting the think the Rich Rod and Barwis workout regimens are paying off. You can’t see it as much on offense, but on defense, it was pretty obvious….

Another thing is that Rich Rod and the offense started to go to the pass near the end of the 3rd quarter and Threet actually started playing like a decent Big 10 QB. I think it was that threat that opened up the defense for his 58 yard scamper. So The Rod needs to understand that if you need to take what they are giving and let your offense work.

So, while many sports writers will say this was a coming of age game for Rich Rod and the team has arrived and yadda-yadda-yadda, I think it was a good game and for the 500th game in the Big House, a Big Win is always good. But this team still has a lot to prove, but I am excited about Michigan Football Again. So, that's good.

The Rest of the Mess

RUBBERS – BEAVERS: First, USC = OVERRATED! Yes, I watched the Thursday night drama and almost sent out a Friday update with the headline “TROJAN GOT LOST IN BEAVER home stadium”, but I was afraid that this game might be the only interesting thing to write about come Monday, so I waited. Shouldn’t have waited. There were PLENTY of upsets to talk about, including

GATROLAND – OVERRATED! Let me get this straight. Herbie, who I am losing a lot of respect for, states that while Ole Miss is good and Houston Nutt is a great coach, the athletes of Gatorland in the swamp will overwhelm the rebels and Florida will win easily. After the UPSET, Herbie says that Ole Miss was a lot better than anyone thought they were and had only lost two games on two plays and could be undefeated right now….Is that a guy trying to
A. Build up Ole Miss or
B. Make a case that Florida lost to a Great Team so his National Championship prediction can stay in the BCS hunt….

Methinks the answer is B.

PUPPY DOGS – OVERRATED! IF you recall, the MMQ had a hard time accepting the whole Georgia thing. They lost late last year to the Cremesicles and while they had some impressive wins this year, they hadn’t played a quality team yet. In comes Satan with a fired up Bama squad and absolutely crushes the Puppy Dogs. My guess is Georgia does not only not win the SEC East, but they are out of any BCS picture at this point. The RACE for Skip Holtz is on!

CREMESICLES: What can I say. They want Fullmer’s head this morning on every website and radio station inside Tennessee’s borders. My guess is Fullmer either announces that he will retire this year of the administration is going to have to perform the ugly task of canning him to maintain ticket sales. Even though they won the SEC East last year, in the “what have you done for me lately” SEC, you are only as good as your last win. Currently in 2nd place for Holtz...

CLEMSON – OVERRATED! Well, Tommy Bowden might also be looking for a job today. That was NOT a game he could afford to lose and the ACC is once again wide open for whoever wants to win it.

DOMERS: Well, you won a game I thought you would lose. I guess the thumping MSU put on you taught you a think or two.

Last but not least, in a classic letdown situation, Sparty showed that they have kicked some bad habits. Number 1 concern: Hoyer has to get a lot better. If Ringer goes down this season, Sparty has problems.

BIG TEN: Who would have believed these standings 5 weeks in:
Northwestern 5-0

Everybody else……


1. Fullmer – a 1-3 record 4 games in is not a way to start any SEC season at any school
2. Tommy Bowden – Had bought some time after the Alabama loss, but losing to Maryland hurts and 2-2 gets you knocked out of the top 25….

Hot Seat

1. Willingham – Tough spot for a coach – bye week without a win…
2. Ferentz – People can’t be happy with this guy right now.
3. Wuzzles
4. Satan – sure, they love him now, but wait till he loses one he’s not supposed to
5. Zook – Illinois fans are probably thinking they have a better team than 2-2 and they should have beat either PSU or Missouri.


Illini at MICHIGAN: Look for a pissed off Illini squad to come into the Big House looking for a Big 10 win…
IOWA at MSU: Same thing….Sparty could get caught with their pants down.
Missouri at Nebraska: Look for Nebraska to make a statement in the Big 12
Oregon at Southern Cal: If the BEAVERS can do it, so can the DUCKS!
OSU at Cheeseheads: Are they both overrated?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Kind of Glad Michigan Didn’t Play

Well, it’s always a good weekend when Michigan doesn’t lose…So I guess it was a good weekend.

I also got to see one of the two teams that I hate the most lose, and it was the one that deserved to lose, so that was even better….

But I would have to say the best thing that happened this weekend was that one of the MMQ’s predictions is probably closer to reality today than it was on Friday…but more on that in a minute.

SPARTY – DOMERS: Well, somebody had to lose. I was personally rooting for Sparty and rooting “against” the Domers here. I know, I know…That puts me in the same category of all the Spartys I know that root for anyone who is playing Michigan. But, let’s face reality…Could we REALLY handle an undefeated Domer team this week? Doesn’t it look much better to see that loss in the column next to their name…There would have been top 25 BS and all that if they had won…So we avoided THAT for at least a couple of more games. But as the Domers wind through the cream puff part of their schedule, we will start seeing more of this….As far as Sparty goes: I am paying attention. Hoyer doesn’t bother me. Ringer, he bothers me. And the fact that Dantonio seems to have the Spartans looking and playing like a Big Ten Team and their style kind of reminds me of the Suckeye’s and Michigan before the change…Well, I guess you might win the 8 games as I predicted you might this year. It’s just too bad that you will be playing us after we will have gelled in the middle of the season. Stop the laughing – I am hopeful.

Urban Legend still has not lost to Fullmer. As I stated earlier, not even having Tennessee show up for this game in front of the home crowd just put Fullmer in the number one position on the Hot Seat. I do believe that he is either going to have to retire or they will “make a change” at the end of this season. I am now calling this prediction out as the number one hands down, "It's going to happen" prediction of the year.

Les is the best coach – hands down. I thought the Kitty Kats and Tommy Tutone with his new offense had the game won but LSU seems to find a way in the end…And good coaches always find a way… Look for a fire Tommy T website if he should lose the “rivalry” game against Satan…..

HOAKIES: Solid win over North Carolina….But the ACC is up for grabs and Wake Forest is saying we’re the team to beat with victory over FSU….

PIRATES: Skip Holtz’s stock went down – SLIGHTLY – after losing to NC State…But The Pirates did not fall out of the top 25, so they can still wreak havoc on the BCS if they win out….But they should have beat NC State…I think they were starting to believe in themselves too much…


MICHIGAN – CHEESEHEADS: In Ann Arbor. Each coach had two weeks to prepare….Supposed to be good weather…no early prediction. Let’s just see what happens.

This should be a “BIG GAME” for CornSucker Fans everywhere….Is Pelini the real deal? Are the Blackshirts back and for real? A must see for MMQ Nation…..

SPARTY at HOOTERS: That’s supposed to be Hoosiers, but I figure that got your attention. Could be a let down game for Sparty – but I don’t think those bad habits are going to be a part of this year’s team…Of course, as soon as I say something good about them, they do something stupid….

Must see TV for Big Ten Fans….I like the ILINI and Zookie to win this game in Happy Valley…I know, it’s against Vegas…Just a hunch.

BULLPUPPIES and SATAN: Okay – here is where the Fire Satan band wagon starts. Roll Tide Slappies won’t be able to handle losing to Georgia….SEC Game of the week….


1. Fullmer – Has to be. A 1-2 Volunteer team that’s unranked and out of the SEC title hunt makes for long season in Tennessee…
2. Willingham – Needs a win and a bowl….
3. Bowden – Pick one. Tommy is getting by, but Bobby has to be feeling some pressure also….
4. Wuzzles – Lose to MSU after beating Michigan is a no-no….
5. (tie) Spurrier – 23-13 for the fun and gun offense against Wofford isn’t going to make a lot of GameCock fans very happy – Bring on Skip Holtz…SATAN – just because….

Getting Warmer

1. Tressel – Starting a frosh QB and the fans were booing…Suckeye Nation wants 100 points when you play Troy…not 23…
2. Tommy Tutone – Aubun fans will give him the pass because he is beating Bama, but should he start losing THAT game…It’ll only be a matter of time..
3. Rich Rod – A win against a minor rival would be nice…If he loses, 6 wins are going to be tough to come by…

Here's to a Victory over the Cheeseheads!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Domers, Domers, Domers....

Just so were all Clear as to the MMQ’s position on Notre Dame:


Random Thoughts From Saturday

1. You CAN’T spot anyone in the college game 21 points and expect to win…Well, maybe Sparty, but they are the only one…..
6. If I ever see a cute little green leprechaun I am going to kick his little green ass and paint him Maize and Blue so stupid Irish Luck goes away....


1. So, exactly what did they give Wuzzles to ease his pain? Horse tranquilizers?
2. Did anyone catch the presser? He was stoned – I swear to God…giggling like a guy that was high for the first time…
3. Notre Dame will not win 7 games this year. No one else will spot them the 21 points and give them a defensive touchdown to boot…
4. Rich Rod had better figure out a way for the offense to hang on to the ball…or he will be looking for a job and find a spot on the hot seat in the MMQ’s Blog….
5. I think I am already fatigued from this season…
6. Wuzzles comment that “Notre Dame is not some garbage school that everyone can crap on all the time”, was not entirely true….The are a garbage school and they get crapped on often…But I will agree that it’s not all the time, at this point, anyway…

Bo Schembechler wrote in his book that Woody Hayes said no player was worth a turnover. Meaning, if you fumbled the ball in practice, you didn’t play in the game. If you fumbled in a game, you didn’t play for the rest of the season. And if you fumbled against a major rival, well, check your uniform at the door because you wouldn’t even be on the depth chart at that point… I believe this mantra holds true for a lot of coaches…but Saturday cannot be indicative of that style of coaching. You need to be able to hang on to the football and not give it up to the other team. Plain and simple. I can forgive the long bomb over Morgan Trent’s head…Hey, that’s going to happen. But Cissocar, Minor, Sheridan, Threet, Grady and whoever else coughed it up – I hope you pay the price this week and a little of Woody’s preaching is brought into the locker room.

Just for the record: The Wolverines let a live ball touch the ground or threw it into their opponents hands 11 times and lost 6 of those miscues…..I can’t remember the last time this happened, but an announcer stated it had been since 1992…That would have been Moeller, folks. Nothing like that under Carr would have been tolerated, I believe.

Open E-mail to Rich Rod:

So, yes…disappointment and aggravating all at the same time.

DOMERS: I will not congratulate you, and that may be why Michigan Fans are hated around the country and the globe. But if you can honestly feel good about that victory, well, then I guess that’s your prerogative. I mean, I would have like the victory if I had been handed it, don’t get me wrong. But I would have preferred to have earned it.

SPARTY: In a downpour, you played tough and Ringer is proving his worth. Take care of the Domers. I would rather see them get knocked down a peg than have them beat you and have to listen to all the waking up the echoes crap that will start if they win. Clausen for Heismann and all that bullshit.

SUCKEYES: Okay – Everyone knew that Beanie Wells wouldn’t play. But, uh, did you remember to practice and TRY to do something besides what everyone thought you were going to do? Where’s the team and play calling from the team that beat Texas a year ago? Is the vest the next Hot Seat Victim? Suckeye Nation will surely NOT Put up with getting humiliated on a national stage for much longer…

GATORLAND: Byes are nice….

AUBURN: In case you DIDN’T see it – yes, Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2. That’s 3 points to 2 points. As in a field goal vs. a safety. It wasn’t snowing, hell, it wasn’t even raining that much…..

CHEESEHEADS: Nice win for the Big 10 over the Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place boys from Fresno….That was definitely a trap game…

HOAKIES: Nice win over the Bumblebees of Georgia Tech…I really thought you might slip there….

GAMECOCKS: Another loss for the Ole Ball Coach….Skip Holz is one step closer to an SEC job…But I think he can do better, if he wants out of the Carolinas all together….

USC RUBBERS: Okay…They are good….Can they stay healthy and focused in LA-LA Land? That’s always the question….

BRUINS: 59-0????? 59-0? To BYU? Are you kidding me? I want to know if UCLA has EVER lost a game like that…..

UPSET OF THE WEEK: If anyone listens to the fan at 5 o’clock on Fridays, you get to here Stony and Wojo talk to the Wynn Casino Sports Book Manager Johnny Avello. Johnny picks the games with surprising accuracy and gives you a good game summary. But I am really starting to like his picks of the week. He stated that UNLV would probably hang with ASU, and not only did they hang with them, the upset them outright….Way to go JOHNNY!!!


1. Spurrier: At 1-2 and with and unranked South Carolina team that was ranked earlier, well, let’s just say it has to be getting warm…
2. Willingham: Win a game….Just one….
3. Wuzzles: Come on….Even the true Domer faithful can’t be entirely happy with that victory…They are not that great and MSU I hope will be a better test…
4. Tommy Bowden: As long as he keeps winning…
5. SABAN: Just because it will happen sooner or later…

Getting Warm.

1. Rich Rod: If there isn’t a FIREROD website yet, if they lose to the Cheeseheads and Illini, expect one VERY SOON…..
2. Tressel: Yes, the vested one has to be feeling some heat over the public humiliations that the Suckeyes have put on in the last 3 out of 4 games….I don’t think barely beating Ohio U wins over too many fans in Suckeye Nation….
3. Mangino (Kansas): Another large individual not known for eating salad, loses to a school they should have beat…(South Florida)….Oh, yes, now even Kansas fans think they should win every game after last year’s run.



Monday, September 8, 2008

Michigan vs. Mac-n-Miami

Thought Starters:

1. I didn't see a lot of the game (Hold the Calls - I have a life and there were things that needed to get done), but it's apparent to me that Thre-ridan is going to be the QB for the rest of the season. I can't remember being this lame at this position since 1984 when Jimmy Harbaugh went down and we suffered through Chris Zurbrug and another QB whose name escapes me as we befuddled our way to 6-6...
2. Thank God for raw talent....McGuffie looked natural out there and if he had ANY KIND OF OFFENSIVE LINE to run BEHIND, he might actually look a whole lot better....
3. There were moments that I thought the Defense was good and there was the rest of the time....
4. I did see the Domers vs. San Diego State....Chuck Long should have been able to pull off the upset but he's as bad a clock manager as a coach as he was when he was a QB....
5. Did anyone happen to catch the early line on Michigan vs. Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) BEFORE the Domers played? Yep - Michigan was getting 8.5 - that is, the Domers were 8.5 point favorites....Guess what the line is today? Michigan is giving 1 and I have seen as high as 3...Go Figure. And the Domers are supposed to win 9 to 11 games this season according to Wuzzles....
6. Rich Rod is starting to wear thin on my nerves with some of the stuff he says in the press...Everyone likes winning ugly, but you don't talk about it. Your supposed to say a win's a win and leave it at that....
7. If any more offensive lineman go down...Well...We might be looking at dressing two guys in one O-line uniform and see if we can't figure out how to make them play in tandem...
8. What if Rich Rod CAN'T Get the talent he needs to run this offense....What then?


Now, I am normally much more animated during a Big Game week such as this...But when you have two teams that are offensively trying to figure out which way the jock strap goes - to protect the goods or catch the load of crap that's getting knocked out of them on every play. Well....You can see why it's a little hard to get "excited."

That being said - I am not giving anything to the Domers - Jeez, I hate these guys! - this year. They are going to have to earn it. And based on what I have seen out of them so far, it's going to take them awhile to earn anything. I can respect the fact that your defense isn't that great, but com'on, I thought Wuzzles was some offensive genius. I am beginning to think the whole Brady Quinn Years were luck - a lot of it....

By the Way - I was watching the game at home and when Wuzzles went on the field to attend to an injured player, I thought my set had miraculously transformed itself into a WIDESCREEN - If you get my not-so-subtle drift...Does that guy realize how LARGE he is? You would think just walking around and having to attend practice would somehow thin him down a little, wouldn't you?

And whenever there is an 11.5 POINT SWING IN THE SPREAD - you can BET that Vegas sees something in one of the teams they like or DON'T Like....So, you do the math...

Around The Globe

Spartry - You handled your MAC team well....Ringer looks like he get's stronger as the game goes on....
SUCKEYES: Ahem.....Ahem...AHEM! Ohio U? Really? I mean, this game was close in the 4th quarter.. Is anyone down in Suckeye land paying attention? Or was this all part of the grand illusion to let the Rubbers think you aren't that good....Or maybe without Beanie you aren't that good....Hmmmmm.....Big Game Saturday..
GATORLAND - Miami hung with you early, but the Gator Spirit prevailed. I wouldn't want to play Miami in a couple of years, however...
WVU - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!!!! East Carolina (That's Conference USA, Folks) will be the BCS buster of the year. I watched a lot of that game and those guys took WVU to task...Maybe Rich Rod is a better game coach than I gave him credit for, but still....EARLY PREDICTION: One of the Hot Seat Coaches gets the early boot and THAT SCHOOL goes after Skip Holz...
Cornsuckers: Congrats. Beating San Jose State shouldn't be that easy....But this game was close in the 4th quarter...
BIG 12: An UNDEFEATED Week....That ain't bad...
PAC 10: I like the fact that you start playing conference games early...It was unfortunate to see Washington go down the way they did...Please,PLEASE Mr. Referee, don't blow that whistle when the outcome is on the line. If you didn't see how BYU won, well, let's just say the new celebration rule will get a lot of review this week in a lot of locker rooms.
SEC: Spurrier lost to Vanderbilt - AGAIN!!! That's unbelievable and moves the Ole Ball Coach up one notch on the hot seat Ladder...Look for South Carolina to be the FIRST school to interview Skip Holtz...


MICHIGAN vs. Domers - One of the worst matchups in this rivalries storied history...Someone gets to steal a win here.

USC - OSU: Well - It's time. Time to see how good the Rubbers are and how bad the Suckeyes are without Beany...


1. Wuzzles. Has to Be. How long can the fans look the other way?
2. Spurrier. It's going to be a race between South Carolina and the Domers to get Lou Holtz's kid from East Carolina. I predict that South Carolina cracks first or Spurrier quits before Wuzzles...
3. Tommy Bowden - have they gotten over the loss to Alabama yet?
4. Fullmer - Can't lose to a down UCLA Team
5. Satan - give him time...It's all great right now - but two special team touchdowns to beat lowly Tulane isn't going to keep the tide faithful very happy...
6. Getting Warm - Willingham. Again, a class guy that can't seem to get a break......Washington might pull the rug out from everyone and chase Holtz...

Until Victory over the Domers Next Week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Didn't WE Get a Cupcake, Martin?

Well, it’s official: The 2008 College Football Season is Underway! And, we seem to have started out about like I expected: Surprises, upsets, and head scratching performances…..

Overheard statements at the Utes game on Saturday from the MMQ:

1. “WOW! Did you see that?”
2. “What are you doing??? DON’T THROW THAT PASS!”
3. “Great Play – I never saw anything like that with Lloyd at the helm!”
4. “Are you kidding me? Who dreamed that sand lot play up?”
5. “This year is gonna’ BE GREAT!”
6. “This year is gonna’ SUCK….”
7. “It looks like we have a QB.”
8. “It looks like we don’t have a QB.”
9. “This offense will surprise some people.”
10. “ This offense SUCKS…..”

If you get the idea that the game in this fans eyes was a series of ups and downs, with more downs than ups, you are reading it correctly. Problem was, this was all said in the first series when Michigan, with the help of the Zebras, got some fortunate calls and scored the first touchdown of the game, after TAKING THE BALL when they won the coin toss. I think it had to be before 1969 that we EVER took the ball after winning the coin toss…But I digress.

I would like to say that based on this first game, Michigan has a LONG way to go towards looking like anything that can produce yards and points on a consistent basis. However, the Defense, once it gelled in the 2nd half, looks like they might live up to expectations….But I am not going to hold my breath.

As someone who has seen a lot of opening games in that stadium, I can tell you that I have seen ugly teams in there for the first game of the season…I mean UGLY….But I always saw something I liked. And that’s true of this team as well. I saw a lot of things that I liked – if we had only been able to execute. I am hoping that the offense is going to look at a lot of game film and understand what they did wrong and come out smoking against Miami of Ohio, or else it’s going to be a LONG season….

As for the rest of you Loyal Readers of the Monday Drivel:

SPARTY: Well, I was kind of pulling for you. Honest. I was. Really. I kind of have this low level hatred for the Pac 10 (Ranked below the hatred for the Domers, SEC, Big 12, and, of course, you). Based on the Rose Bowl connection and everything, and I really got fired up when I saw those wacky tree livers in Cal Berkeley living in the tree houses protesting whether or not the school can move forward with a new stadium…Classic California mentality. Anyway, you beat Cal everywhere on the data sheet with the exception of the score…Once you figure that out, maybe you can look forward to an opening game…

GATORLAND: Nice cream puff win….Does that shool you played have any more like that at home that will come to Ann Arbor and lay down for the Wolverines?

HOAKIES: Oops…..Wha’ happened? Losing that first one of the season sucks, doesn’t it…

LMU: Yes, another cream puff for last year’s National Champs hoping to repeat….

CORNSUCKERS: Well – looks like Pelini may have the Cornsuckers back to form sooner rather than later….Western was a formidable opponent and favored to with the MAC

CLEMSON: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I love it when I don’t have to pay attention to them starting with the first game of the season…..

Pitt, Rutgers, Louisville: Ditto……

AGGIES: Fist home opening loss in 21 years…..New Head Coach Sherman may not get an invitation to the Bonfire if that keeps up….

BIG 12: Very impressive handling of the cupcakes – only two teams lost – A&M and Baylor….

SEC: Ditto – Cremesicles get knocked down by fired up UCLA Team

Big 10: State of Michigan did NOT hold up their end of the deal… I blame Kwame Kilpatrick…..


Tommy Bowden – Get that seat right there next to your Dad’s…He’ll be there after his first loss

Wanstadt – Can’t be getting any better after losing to Bowling Green….

Charlie Weis – Somehow Domers didn’t play over the weekend…But Wuzzles didn’t get mentioned at all by some in the media. Domers can’t be happy about that….

Willingham – But who will Washington get to replace him?

Fullmer – Kickers have cost more head coaches their job than any other player. But Fullmer’s seat has been warm for a few years now….I don’t want to be a Tennessee fan trying to figure out how to get to 9 wins today….


1. If everyone is going to schedule a cream puff that can’t do anything for them, why not just call them scrimmages and they don’t count in the W-L column?
2. I thought the spread option was a RUSHING offense. The Wolverines looked like a team from the West Coast…
3. Will the Wolverines ever be able to rush the ball this season?
4. Rich Rod better beat Miami – Fans were ready to forgive him Utah. But if the same offense comes out onto the field on Saturday, well, Things could get “warm” in Ann Arbor…

With thoughts of a 2nd 2008 victory still only thoughts…(Remember the Citrus Bowl!)